Our challenge

Right now, a pollution and extinction crisis threatens the web of life. 

So much is already lost. Our children will not see the animals now extinct, the ancient forests now clear-felled or the seasons as they used to be.

We’re living with the consequences of bad decisions, discredited ideas and short-term thinking.

The big polluters. The rigged rules. The subsidised destruction. The politicians who forget they represent the people.

But we don’t accept the story we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck.

People made this crisis and we can solve it. So let’s get on with it. 

It’s time to champion big ideas. And common sense. Like cutting pollution and powering our lives with clean energy from sun and wind. Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love. Making economic decisions that support life, not damage it.

In the face of climate change, communities, business and governments can solve problems together.

We can choose to connect and protect our mountain ranges, living reefs, ancient forests and life-giving rivers.

Our Choices

We want a world where communities care for the life that surrounds us and big polluters are a thing of the past.

A world where Australians stand together with the nation’s Traditional Owners to care for country. Where the idea of extinction is extinct and the places we love thrive.

We are creating a world that is all these things and more, and focus on five life-changing ideas whose time have come:

Clean Energy, Not Pollution

Cutting pollution and powering Australia with clean energy from the sun and wind.


Laws to Protect Life

Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love.


Join the dots

Disrupting the decisions at the heart of unsustainability and sowing the seeds of change.


Economy for life

Making economic decisions that support life, not damage it.


Think global, act local on climate change

Coming together to cut pollution and solve problems so people and nature can thrive.


Our Places

And five incredible places that sustain and enchant us:

Our Great Dividing Range

Connect and protect the heartland of eastern Australia.

The Mighty Murray

Keep the lifeblood for our wildlife, farms and cities flowing.

The Beautiful North

Sustain country, from the Kimberley to Cape York, with its unique nature and culture.

Our Much-Loved Reef

Protect our living Reef – home to coral, turtles and whales. 

Tasmania's Ancient Forests

Let the trees stand tall for centuries to come.

Our Story

We are Australia’s national environment organisation. We are more than half a million people who speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive.

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