09 May 18

Our budget analysis – coal, climate, reef

If you breathe air, live on planet Earth or love nature, this was a bad budget.

03 May 18

Read the plan to Repower Australia with clean energy from sun and wind

100% clean energy: let's get on with it!

05 March 18

Volunteer for the SA election

Spread our scorecard far and wide!

05 February 18

We're changing the story across the Basin

Woorinen farmer Peta Thornton joined River Fellows right across the Murray-Darling Basin to stand up for our rivers. 

23 January 18

Views from our community

The results from our 2017 community survey are in! Thanks to everyone who took time to give valuable feedback on our work and help us plan for the years ahead.

Here’s what people in our community think…

19 December 17

We've stopped Adani's $1 billion loan!

This is a huge victory on the path to stopping this mine.