12 September 18

BREAKING NEWS: Adani did what?!

Adani has allegedly broken the law by drilling into aquifers on the mine site.

07 September 18

Join or host a calling party

Let's have thousands of conversations about stopping climate damage 

21 August 18

Turnbull abandons climate action – our response

While our government tears itself apart to avoid its duty of care, ACF and our half a million-strong community will make the next election a turning point. 

03 August 18

Thousands of missing creature alerts

Our community is amazing! 

01 August 18

"People who care need to fight for our waterways"

Jenny George talks about the changes she has seen along the Cockburn River over her lifetime.

30 July 18

Come to a climate election campaign launch

Come to a climate election campaign launch near you – hear our strategy and find out how you can elevate the issue of climate damage in the places it matters most.