19 October 16

Listen to Dave Sweeney discuss the proposed Flinders Ranges national nuclear waste dump

The federal government has chosen a site in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia as its preferred location for a national nuclear waste dump. In this interview, ACF's nuclear free campaigner explains what's going on. 

15 September 16

Why this matters

Losing our court case was a sad moment for our community. But we went into this knowing that if we lost, it would put the wheels in motion for something far greater.

15 September 16

ACF versus the Environment Minister – our Adani court case explained

ACF's General Counsel, Elizabeth McKinnon explains why ACF challenged the Environment Minister's approval of Adani's giant Carmichael coal mine, and what happened.

10 September 16

The Great Forest National Park is one step closer

Thanks for speaking out about how much you love forests!

29 August 16

Adani court case: the verdict

The verdict's in – the court decided under our current laws, Minister’s Hunt’s approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine will stand. We lost this time, but it's not over yet.

12 July 16

Adani court decision: will you be on standby?

Adani’s giant Carmichael coal mine could still go ahead. Anytime soon, the judge will decide our court case challenging the mine’s approval.

31 May 16

How do the parties compare this election? ACF scorecard

Wondering if political parties have a plan for the things you care about? Here you go – read the official 2016 ACF interactive election scorecard!

26 May 16

Will you host a local meet-up in your electorate?

In June, people in neighbourhoods across the country are gathering to share our stories, express our hopes, hone our best ideas, and craft a plan for working together to put the environment on the agenda this election. Can you host an ACF local meet-up in your electorate?

05 May 16

Our court case to protect the reef

ACF's landmark case will test whether our environment laws are strong enough to protect our Great Barrier Reef from its biggest threat – climate change.