02 November 18

Major Adani update

We really hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

11 October 18

IPCC report: courage and action in the face of climate damage

Climate catastrophe is not our destiny. We know how to stop this – we have the solutions, here, now.

01 October 18

Join us at the National Doorknock to #StopAdani

Let's stop Adani street by street with the power of a conversation.

26 September 18

Volunteer update: Zooming in for maximum impact

Together we’ve already had over 50,000 conversations about stopping climate damage.

19 September 18

Come to a doorknock near you

Join volunteers talking to people in key places about why stopping climate damage matters

12 September 18

BREAKING NEWS: Adani did what?!

Adani has allegedly broken the law by drilling into aquifers on the mine site.

07 September 18

Join or host a calling party

Let's have thousands of conversations about stopping climate damage