People power everything we do

Stories about the people who make ACF powerful.

Lani's story

ACF Community Group member Lani wants a better future for her children.  

Rae and John's story

Rae and John have been regular givers for more than 50 years, and have generously left a gift to ACF in their wills. 


Junaid's story

Junaid joined ACF to explore the wonders of nature with others. 

Frank's story

Frank has been inspired to protect nature by his travels through wild places of astonishing beauty. 

Conrad's story

Icy toes and road trains couldn't stop Conrad Pattinson sending Australia a message 


Lola's story

Young artist Lola champions the role of art in defending our precious wildlife.



The Toondah Community

The community who battled for five years to save Toondah Harbour.