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Australia vs the World: Australia’s Industry, inefficient and standing still

14 December 18

Australia’s industrial greenhouse emissions make up almost a third of Australia’s overall emissions.


Australia vs the World: Australia’s pollution profile & how to turn it around

04 December 18

Australia is far behind similar economies in terms of pollution per person and emission intensity of our economy.


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Great Artesian Basin Strategic Management Plan

14 November 18

Submission on the Great Artesian Strategic Management Plan; specifically focussed on the emerging threats facing the Great Artesian Basin from coal mining.


Underwriting New Generation Investments

14 November 18

Submission in response to the Commonwealth government's consultation paper: Underwriting New Generation Investments.

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Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – pollution levels still going up

30 November 18

Out of control climate change in Cook: Hotter, drier and winter no more

30 October 18

Climate data modelling shows that by 2050 communities in the federal electoral division of Cook would be markedly hotter, on average 15 per cent drier and experience more periods of extreme heat because of high global emissions.


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