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02 May 18

Repower Australia Plan

The Plan to Repower Australia was researched and written by the Community Power Agency and a team of experts on behalf of, Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp!, Solar Citizens, Environment Victoria, and Nature Conservation Council of NSW. It sets out what we need to do to repower Australia with 100% renewable electricity.

06 March 18

Australia's Extinction Crisis

Australia’s national environment laws are failing to protect critical habitat that is crucial to saving our endangered species, a new report from the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has found.



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21 May 18

Alpha North Coal Mine Project, Galilee Basin

Submission to the Alpha North Coal Mine Project EPBC Act Referral. 

13 March 18

Inquiry into Clean Energy Finance Corporation funding carbon capture and storage

Submission to proposed amendment allowing Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund carbon capture and storage. 


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07 June 18

Federal implications of the NSW Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Bill 2018

The NSW bill will ensure damage from feral horses on the sensitive alpine environments of Kosciuszko National Park continue and increase, despite the numerous threatened species and rare ecosystems that call the park home.

05 June 18

Federal funding for Great Barrier Reef to fall short of 2020 commitments

The current $34 million shortfall in Reef 2050 Plan funding committed by 2020 could increase dramatically, potentially to more than $385 million.



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