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29 July 16

Greasing the Wheels

The systemic weaknesses that allow undue influence by mining companies on government: a QLD case study

14 June 16

Ground truths: taking responsibility for Australia's mining legacies

A report by the Mineral Policy Institute that highlights systemic and structural failures in the regulation of mine closure and rehabilitation in Australia.


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22 April 16

Protect biodiversity by ending broad-scale land-clearing

Submission on vegetation management (reinstatement) and other legislation amendment bill 2016

08 April 16

Cutting pollution from cars

ACF submission to the Australian Government’s ministerial forum on vehicle emissions

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11 June 16

Undermining the future

Stories of people whose communities got a raw deal from mining

31 May 16

ACF election scorecard first edition 31 May

Our independent guide to voting for the environment this election. A PDF with a detailed breakdown of the scores.


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13 July 16

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13 July 16

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