We show up, speak out and act

We push for bold solutions, because the problems we face are big and urgent. We use evidence-based advocacy, courage, creativity and common sense to make this country a better place.

As an advocacy organisation, we expose corruption and destruction and create real solutions for a better future. We champion our trees, communities, reefs and wildlife.

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Our change strategy

Disrupt business-as-usual that harms nature


We expose undemocratic and unlawful acts and shift public debate.

Create solutions for nature and people


We inspire communities, business and governments to find better ways of doing things.

Activate people to stand up for nature


We change the hearts and minds of people across Australia and empower them to take action in their workplace, communities and electorates.

Our big goals

Right now, a pollution and extinction crisis threatens our natural world. Climate pollution and habitat destruction are our biggest challenges.

To solve this we need big, systemic change. Together we're working to solve the climate crisis and stand up for nature.

Before 2025

Before 2030

  • End land-clearing
  • Native habitat is net positive
  • Australia is powered by renewables
  • 80% of coal, gas and uranium exports are replaced by renewables
  • Investors and food companies are coal, gas and deforestation free