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We support a nuclear free future – with no uranium mining, no nuclear power and responsible management of existing radioactive waste and pollution.

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Let's end the toxic trade

Uranium mining and radioactive waste pollutes our air, soil and water and can damage the genetic and reproductive systems of plants, animals and people. There is not a secure, long-term solution to cope with the millions of tonnes of radioactive wastes from mining operations, or the more risky and longer lived radioactive waste from power stations.

Right now plans to ship, store and bury national and international radioactive waste are being explored on Aboriginal country in South Australia. The global plan would enable aging nuclear reactors around the world – now under pressure to close because of their intractable waste problems – to stay open longer – meaning more radioactive risks and waste.

Around one-third of the world’s uranium reserves are found in Australia. All of Australia’s uranium is exported making Australia a significant supplier of uranium to the global market. In Western Australia Aboriginal communities oppose proposals to allow companies to mine uranium on their country. All of Australia’s operating uranium mines have a history of leaks, spills and accidents - and none have ever been properly rehabilitated.

Clean energy, nuclear free

Australia has a significant role and responsibility in the international nuclear debate.

Our energy future is not nuclear – it’s sun and wind powered. Uranium, coal, oil, and gas are the old world. Sun wind and waves are the new world. Clean energy can scale to power our cities and it’s already happening.

We have consistently opposed uranium mining and worked to highlight the threats it poses to our environment, sensitive ecosystems, Indigenous cultures and local communities. For two decades successive governments have tried to impose radioactive waste on unwilling remote communities. The most recent attempt, at Muckaty in the Northern Territory, was shelved after sustained Aboriginal and community opposition. We stand and support Aboriginal and rural communities that are raising concerns and fighting against imposed plans to pollute their air, soil and water.

How we handle radioactive waste is an issue that lasts longer than this generation.

We have facilitated a continuing public debate about the risks and responsibilities of our involvement in the global nuclear trade and continue to do so. We want meaningful action to address our energy needs, based upon leaving uranium in the ground. We want the responsible management of existing radioactive waste and an active transition away from producing any more.

South Australia is too good to waste. #nuclearfree #yourSAynuclear #DontDumpOnSA www.acf.org.au/waste

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News | 21 March 17

Radioactive repeat: federal radioactive waste "Groundhog Day" increases uncertainty

A small town on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is again in the frame as a site for Australia’s nuclear waste despite being ruled out of consideration less than one year ago because of deep community concern and opposition to the plan.

News | 07 March 17

All is not as it should be: Fukushima

A radio documentary about the ongoing human and environmental impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

News | 06 March 17

Days away from a state election, light years away from responsibility

Serious concerns about radioactive waste contanimation of groundwater.

News | 14 February 17

Australia/Ukraine uranium deal – because Fukushima turned out so well

Australia, the nation that fuelled Fukushima, should not sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl.

News | 07 February 17

A responsible global citizen would not sell uranium to Ukraine

Australia, the nation that fuelled Fukushima, should not sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl.

News | 16 December 16

Regina McKenzie, Flinders Ranges

"We don’t want a nuclear waste dump on our country and worry that if the waste comes it will harm our environment and muda (our lore, creation)"

News | 30 November 16

Major parties push a losing uranium sector to India at great risk

With little fuss or fanfare, Australia's two major parties have this week passed an innocuous enough sounding law with very far reaching implications.

News | 28 November 16

On shaky ground: Australian uranium and Fukushima

THE powerful earthquake that struck off the coast of Fukushima prefecture in Japan last week, is a stark reminder of the deep and continuing safety concerns following the 2011 nuclear disaster.

News | 24 November 16

Uranium deal between Australia and Ukraine a bad idea

Auranium sales deal between the country that fuelled Fukushima and the one that gave the world Chernobyl doesn’t sound like a good one. And it’s not.