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People power shifts QSuper into climate action

News | 09 November 21

Email ANZ: lift your climate ambition and exit gas and oil

Five ways to make big business act for our climate

News | 14 May 21

At what cost?

Australia’s financial institutions manage trillions of dollars in investments. Too many are funding huge polluting projects that fuel the climate crisis.

Major banks and super funds finance many of our biggest and boldest projects. They have the unique power to direct billions into solutions to the climate crisis – and away from making it worse.

Solutions that ensure our communities are powered by renewables, and have abundant opportunities in sustainable industries. Solutions that support life with magpies warbling and cities hugging rivers. Life we can all enjoy.

We only get one beautiful planet. It’s simple economics. Common sense. Let’s invest in life, our communities and our planet – not climate-wrecking fossil fuels.

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The community is calling on big banks and financial institutions to drive bold solutions to the climate crisis. Photo: Matt Hrkac

Let’s invest in climate solutions instead

When positive change stalls at the political level, we can pull another lever for climate solutions – moving money out of pollution.

Everyday people and communities across the world are successfully pushing banks, super funds and insurers to take responsibility for their investments and step up for our climate.

Thanks to people power, Australia’s big four banks have now made breakthrough commitments to stop funding coal by either 2030 or 2035.

The ACF community is keeping the momentum going. Together, we are calling on the banks and super funds to stop funding fossil fuels that wreck our climate.

Want to join in? Check out how much each bank is lending to the polluting industry, then call on them to move all their money out of fossil fuels.

Nature is everyone's business. We all rely on clean water, air and soil, a safe climate and a healthy planet.

We can renew our energy system so it's clean and renewable, and export Australian sunshine to the world

Moving dirty money out of politics

The Australian government also funds the climate crisis by subsidising coal and gas projects with public money.

Weak political donation laws make it all too easy for shady dealings between coal and gas companies and our elected officials to skew public policy in favour of these climate-wrecking industries – driven primarily by their own profits.

Currently, money talks in politics – way more than it should. But we can repair our democracy and put people and planet at the heart of politics. Learn more about securing a healthy and fair democracy that works for everyone, not just deep-pocketed big corporations.

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People power shifts QSuper into climate action

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