Right now, a pollution and extinction crisis threatens our living world. Climate damage and habitat destruction are our biggest challenges. 

To solve this we need big, systemic change. That's why we're focusing on four big goals. Together we're working to stop climate damage, stand up for nature, redesign our economy and fix our democracy

1. Stop climate damage

The number one cause of climate damage in Australia is burning coal. That's why we’re campaigning for a fast and fair transition from polluting fuels to 100% clean energy from the wind and sun.

We all want to keep enjoying life on this beautiful planet – with vibrant coral reefs, a safe climate and thriving, resilient communities.

Climate damage is here, now. Digging up and burning coal and gas is cooking our planet and harming the people we love.

Solutions are here, now. We know how to power our lives with clean energy from the sun and wind and store it in batteries.

We are here, now. People power saved Kakadu and the Franklin. Won marriage equality. Gave women the vote. Now it’s time for people power to stop climate damage.

Together, we are having one million conversations across the country to make the next federal election the climate election. If they want our votes, the only option for the people's representatives is to rise to the occasion – and deliver.

Be part of it

We’re rising up to stop Adani's mega-coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin. We won't let this mine wreck our climate, destroy the reef, steal groundwater or trash Indigenous rights. Together, we will #StopAdani and end coal for good.

Join the movement

We have the technology to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2030 – in just 12 years! But right now, our federal government is refusing to lead. So we’re encouraging state governments to step up and drag the laggards into the 21st century.

Take action

2. Stand up for nature

We're part of a rich, interconnected tapestry of life. But ruthless corporations are destroying our forests, rivers, oceans and climate, and catapulting us into an extinction crisis. That's why we're standing up for our living world and demanding change. 

Did you know 80% of Australia’s plants and animals live nowhere else on Earth? 

But right now, nearly 2000 of these plants and animals are at risk of extinction – because ruthless corporations are bulldozing their homes, damaging our climate and polluting our rivers and oceans.

If we don’t turn this around fast, we all face a dangerous and uncertain future.

That's why we’re focusing on big, systemic solutions to stop the destruction, mend the damage and look after our living world.

To bring threatened wildlife back from the brink, we’re building a network of community leaders, groups and allies to stand up for nature and champion a $1 billion National Environment Fund.

We’re leading a powerful alliance pushing for new national laws that actually protect nature, backed by public institutions to oversee them and give communities the right to have a say. 

To protect, connect and restore habitat, we're campaigning for public and private protected areas and funding to manage them. Together we're pushing for all creatures to have healthy homes!

3. Redesign our economy

A major driver of the pollution and extinction crisis – and a major barrier to solving it – is the structure and rules of our economy. That's why we're campaigning to redesign our economy so all people can live good lives in harmony with nature. 

It’s time for our elected representatives to stand up to corporate power and make the system fair. 

To redesign our economic goal, rules, systems and institutions so they help people meet their needs and achieve their goals in harmony with nature.

To lift people out of poverty and share our common wealth. 

It's time for all business to serve our common good and create products and services that give back to communities and replenish our living world.

Time for everyone – communities, corporations and governments – to take care of people and our planet. 

We’re asking governments to make rules requiring all businesses to publicly report on their environmental impact. We’ll run public campaigns to name and shame poor performers and celebrate those doing good.

We’re pushing for government and businesses to measure economic success holistically with transparent reporting frameworks and a whole dashboard of indicators to track and improve the things that matter most, like clean air, healthy ecosystems and people’s wellbeing.

We’re campaigning to redesign our tax system so our government can steer good and bad economic activity for our common good – like taxing pollution and encouraging renewable energy. 

4. Fix our democracy

In a healthy democracy, dollars don’t determine public policy – people do. That's why we're campaigning to get big money out of politics, get citizens more involved and make our government work for people again. 

In Australia right now, big polluters and big business are using their money and power to rig the rules in their favour. They are blocking policies on climate change and nature protection. 

That's why we're campaigning to make our democracy work for everyone.

Public debate should be open, robust and vibrant, not dictated by the few with deep pockets. 

The people who represent us must reflect our diversity and be connected to our communities.

Governments need to think beyond the next election cycle to the next generation, and make decisions for our common good. 

We're campaigning to stop huge, secret donations from buying policy outcomes. We're pushing for transparency and caps on political donations and election spending – so people count, not dollars.

To create a people-powered democracy, we're skilling up citizens across Australia to actively and meaningfully participate in the democratic process, beyond elections, in small and large ways. 

We're defending the right of communities and civil society to actively participate in our democracy – to be a voice for nature, hold governments accountable and advocate for better laws.