08 December 16

Clean energy policies would create tens of thousands more Qld jobs than Adani

The real jobs boom in Queensland is in clean energy and protecting the 70,000 jobs that depend on a healthy Great Barrier Reef, not in Adani’s reef-wrecking coal mine.

08 December 16

Federal inaction puts Australia at risk of becoming ‘failed state’ on climate policy

The Australian Conservation Foundation has today warned that Australia risks becoming a ‘failed state’ on climate policy and welcomed South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill’s call for leadership after the Federal government rejected an emissions scheme for the electricity sector as part of their long awaited climate policy review.

05 December 16

Review a chance to replace Australia’s ineffective climate policies with ones that work

Time for the government to stop sending mixed signals, such as support for Adani’s mega-polluting Carmichael coal project.

03 December 16

Turnbull must reject dirty deal with Adani

Don't put the interests of big polluters ahead of the interests of the Australian people.

30 November 16

New conservation parks boost Queensland’s resilience to climate change

New protected areas announced for Gulf country, Wet Tropics, central Queensland and the South-East.

28 November 16

Call for coal closure becomes a chorus

Senate inquiry calls for national plan to shut coal fired power stations.

25 November 16

Indigenous leaders Micklo Corpus and Regina McKenzie win Rawlinson award

Joint winners for this year's Peter Rawlinson Award.

22 November 16

Murray-Darling Authority beats ‘a visionless retreat’

ACF says Basin Authority's proposed increase to water extraction is without precedent and potentially against the law.