17 January 17

No Minister, Australia doesn’t need last century’s expensive, outdated energy

Investments in new renewable energy, which has zero fuel cost, will still be useful and productive in decades to come.

05 January 17

Minister should stop spruiking dirty coal, start securing clean jobs in Queensland

Future growth is overwhelmingly in renewables, not coal.

22 December 16

Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – pollution levels still going up

This government has made no progress in reducing Australia’s overall levels of climate pollution.

19 December 16

MYEFO lands another punch on Australia’s reefs, forests and wildlife

Conservation now gets just 5 cents in every 100 dollars spent by the federal government.

16 December 16

Stop, reassess: no green light for uranium sales to Ukraine

Committee identifies risks of war, civil unrest and corruption.

15 December 16

ACF welcomes historic Shelburne handback and new Wuthathi National Park

Shelburne Bay returned to the Wuthathi people of Cape York Peninsula after a long struggle.

08 December 16

Clean energy policies would create tens of thousands more Qld jobs than Adani

The real jobs boom in Queensland is in clean energy and protecting the 70,000 jobs that depend on a healthy Great Barrier Reef, not in Adani’s reef-wrecking coal mine.

08 December 16

Federal inaction puts Australia at risk of becoming ‘failed state’ on climate policy

The Australian Conservation Foundation has today warned that Australia risks becoming a ‘failed state’ on climate policy and welcomed South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill’s call for leadership after the Federal government rejected an emissions scheme for the electricity sector as part of their long awaited climate policy review.