21 June 17

Treaties Committee nuclear fast-track cuts corners and lacks evidence

Propping up nuclear research is not consistent with clear action to address nuclear non-proliferation, energy transition or climate change.

16 June 17

Nicholls backs polluting power for North Queensland over renewable energy

We can’t keep powering our lives with climate-wrecking fuels from the last century.

14 June 17

Ukraine uranium sales plan: Unreasonable, unstable and unsafe

Australia, the nation that fuelled Fukushima, should not sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl.

09 June 17

Joint statement: Finkel set up for failure by climate deniers in Turnbull government

It’s clear the Coalition want to keep their coal-baron mates in business even if it wrecks the planet.

08 June 17

‘Clean Energy Target’ that includes coal or gas is a lie

Australia needs a national plan to get to net zero climate pollution well before 2050.

07 June 17

Global radioactive waste dump plan is "dead"

ACF welcomes waste dump dumping.