15 November 17

Major global assessment puts Australia at the bottom of the class on climate action – AGAIN!

Only Iran, Republic of Korea and Saudi Arabia performed worse than Australia on overall performance in tackling climate pollution.

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01 November 17

Queensland LNP’s coal power obsession unhealthy for our planet and our Great Barrier Reef

Queenslanders should be angry about the LNP’s obsession with building a new polluting coal plant given the damage it would do to the state’s clean air, clean water and emerging clean energy industry

29 October 17

Parties must stop Adani and back a sun-powered future as Queensland heads to the polls

Queenslanders need a government that will stop companies digging up and burning more dirty coal and embrace a clean energy future

26 October 17

Polling reveals Great Forest National Park could swing Northcote by-election

Overwhelming majority of Northcote voters support the creation of the Great Forest National Park