13 February 17

Qld, Vic and SA oppositions stuck in past century on energy

The real jobs potential is in clean energy, ACF and ACTU research shows.

10 February 17

History will not be kind to this government and its coal obsession

Australia needs to get off coal if we want a safe world to live in.

07 February 17

A responsible global citizen would not sell uranium to Ukraine

Australia, the nation that fuelled Fukushima, should not sell uranium to the country that gave us Chernobyl.

03 February 17

Victorian government has one year to reform logging industry

Regional Forest Agreements are flawed and should be replaced

02 February 17

Note to PM: clean coal doesn’t exist

Every coal fired power plant is damaging our climate.

17 January 17

No Minister, Australia doesn’t need last century’s expensive, outdated energy

Investments in new renewable energy, which has zero fuel cost, will still be useful and productive in decades to come.

05 January 17

Minister should stop spruiking dirty coal, start securing clean jobs in Queensland

Future growth is overwhelmingly in renewables, not coal.

22 December 16

Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory – pollution levels still going up

This government has made no progress in reducing Australia’s overall levels of climate pollution.