This is what people power looks like

Together, we are creating a world where reefs, forests, communities and wildlife thrive. See some of what we've achieved.

We saved Toondah Harbour from a destructive development

People power prevailed in the five-year long battle by ACF Bayside and the Toondah Alliance to save the Ramsar protected wetand at Toondah Harbour. From a handful of dedicated nature-lovers to a movement of thousands, this win is a testament to the power of community.

Walker Corporation’s nature-wrecking project at Toondah Harbour should never have got this far. This win provides huge relief to the community of koalas, dugongs, turtles and critically endangered eastern curlews that call Toondah Harbour home.

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We stopped Ningaloo Reef from becoming a dumping ground

Through public pressure and people power, we helped stop dangerous pollutants from being dumped near the Ningaloo World Heritage Area.

In July 2021, ACF raised the alarm that Woodside planned to sink a part of a decommissioned floating oil rig near the reef. This structure contained noxious toxins, plastic and metal that would eventually have ended up in the sensitive marine environment and may have breached international law.

By exposing the truth and with the strength of our community, the application to dump the 83-metre-long structure was withdrawn in September 2021.

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We advocated for the Climate Change Bill 2022

We have always campaigned for strong government policy and legislation that protects our climate and nature.

We provided bipartisan support to politicians, leading to Australia’s Climate Change Bill 2022.

This is the first legislative requirement regarding greenhouse gas emission reduction targets passed in Australia.

It is also the country’s first climate change related legislation to be passed in over a decade.

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We won World Heritage listing for the Great Barrier Reef

Our campaigns for the reef continue to this day. It all started in 1969, when we made history by kickstarting a Royal Commission and saving the reef from oil drilling.

Six years later, along with our allies we successfully campaigned to declare the Reef a national marine park. And we didn't stop there. In the 1980s, ACF supporters campaigned for the Reef’s World Heritage listing – and won.

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We won World Heritage listing for Kakadu National Park

Kakadu contains the world's richest breeding grounds for migratory tropical waterbirds. It is home to majestic waterfalls, vast wetlands teeming with wildlife, and Indigenous rock art sites providing a glimpse into over 50,000 years of living tradition and cultural practices.

For over 30 years, the ACF community played a leading role in protecting Kakadu from uranium mining. Together, we helped secure national park status for Kakadu in three stages between 1979 and 1991 and, standing with Traditional Owners, we halted plans for a new uranium mine in Jabiluka.

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We stopped mining in Antarctica

It’s one of the most spectacular landscapes on Earth. A land of towering icebergs, vast valleys of snow and fascinating sea life, including emperor penguins, minke whales, leopard seals and albatrosses. 

When ACF stepped up and successfully campaigned to protect Antarctica from mining in the late 1980s, former Director Geoff Mosley regarded the milestone as one of the greatest conservation-related victories Australia had seen.

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We led the biggest climate march in the world in 2015

On the last weekend of November 2015, we made history.

As world leaders gathered in Paris on the eve of the United Nations climate summit, we gathered in unprecedented numbers.

We turned up. We spoke out. And because we did this – alongside many more examples of community action – we now have a universal agreement to end climate pollution. 

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We helped the Wuthathi people win the return of their homeland

For over 40 years, the ACF community stood with Traditional Owners to protect the spectacular Shelburne Bay from sand mining and destruction. The ancestral home of the Wuthathi people, this part of Cape York is the last intact, unmined landscape of its kind in Australia.

It took time, courage and perseverance, but on December 15, 2016, we celebrated the return of this remarkable stretch of land to its Traditional Owners.

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More Wins

More incredible campaigns that define who we are



Working with farmers, we pioneered the national Landcare movement

Franklin River

With our allies, we stopped the proposal to dam the Franklin River


We seeded the idea that became the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Jabiluka mine

We stood with the Mirarr people to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine

Murray River

We returned precious water to the rivers of the Murray-Darling

Hands off our charities

With our allies, we stopped a law that would silence advocacy