Our story

ACF is Australia's national environment organisation.

We are more than half a million people who speak out for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the places and wildlife we love. We are proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from our community.

Imagine a world where water flows clean. Where everyone shares abundant energy from the sun and wind. A world where forests, rivers, people, oceans and wildlife thrive – a tomorrow even more beautiful than today.

This is the world that we can see. This is the world we’re creating.

In order to get there, nature needs us, now.

Our challenge

Right now, climate and extinction crises threaten our natural world. Climate pollution and habitat destruction are our biggest challenges.

We’re living with the consequences of bad decisions, discredited ideas and short-term thinking. The big polluters. The rigged rules. The politicians who forget they represent the people.

But we don’t accept the story that we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck. People made this crisis and together we can solve it.

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Our vision

We see an Australia where nature and people thrive.

Our purpose

We empower people to stand up for nature.

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People power our campaigns, and always have

People like the scientists who realised the consequences of limestone mining on the reef. Poets who spoke out for our forests. Builders who refused to wreck urban green spaces. Farmers who love the land. Traditional Owners who protect country from uranium mining and toxic pollution. The volunteers who make banners, write letters and run events, over decades. 

We bring people together to have the biggest possible impact for nature and climate solutions. 

Our wins

Over 50 years, ACF and our community have had some incredible wins.

We advocated against polluting projects like the Jabiluka uranium lease. We won World Heritage listing for the Reef and Kakadu. We protected places we all love, like the Franklin River, Antarctica and the Murray-Darling. We stood with Traditional Owners to hand back country and farmers to pioneer Landcare. We won billions for clean energy, led a climate march, helping to win a global climate agreement, advocated for our government to start taking real climate action and helped change climate laws in Australia.

We also rallied and continue the fight for protection of the Toondah Harbour wetlands, influenced a Superannuation company to divest some of its highest carbon emitting stocks and helped stop the destruction of vital nesting habitat of about 100 seabirds through our investigations work.

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Our community

We are more than half a million people who speak out, show up and act. We are advocates, friends, explorers and leaders from communities right across the country. With you, ACF can champion big solutions for nature and people.

Our community advocates against pollution and destruction of our natural world. Together, we can challenge the power of big polluting companies and show our politicians that we can affect change through passionate and organised people.

If you’ve ever asked, “What can I do to make a difference?” You’re in the right place. Here’s how you can help:

Our community’s incredible support means ACF is proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations.

We are led by a passionate leadership team of our volunteer Board and Council and our Executive.

Caring for Country

We stand with Indigenous people who have cared for life here for tens of thousands of years and still do. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this country and their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay respect to elders both past and present.

ACF's recognition of first nations rights

Equity, diversity, inclusion and justice

To be truly people powered, ACF should reflect Australia’s cultural diversity in our supporters, volunteers and staff. We pledge to grow our cultural diversity to better represent all people who care about nature.

A culturally diverse ACF