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We love and depend on nature

Australia is home to incredible places and wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.

But nature in Australia is in trouble – and so are we. The food we eat, the water we drink and the places we love are under threat like never before.

Bulldozing bush and forest, and fires, floods and drought fuelled by climate change are destroying nature and driving wildlife to extinction. Australia has one of the worst extinction rates on Earth, and it’s getting worse.

Places we love and depend on like the Great Barrier Reef, the Murray Darling River system and our Alpine gum forests are being so badly damaged they might never fully recover.

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Wentworth Falls catches the light on a cool Autumn morning. Photo: Dale Cochrane

Nature needs us, now

But if we speak up together, nature can thrive and so can we.

We can protect the nature and wildlife that still flourish in our big backyard, and do more to restore the places and ecosystems that have been damaged.

Let’s safeguard our forests, wetlands and bush to store greenhouse gases, provide homes for unique animals and birds, and give us places to restore and revive.

First Nations Peoples have a deep and lasting connection to Country and have cared for, shaped and managed land and sea for millennia. Through respecting, supporting and investing in Indigenous knowledge and leadership we can protect culture, nature and people.

It all starts with us connecting with nature and each other to grow a thriving movement for nature in Australia. Together we’ll shift business and governments to end nature destruction and restore nature to health by the end of the decade.

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Rare and endangered Australian Sea Lions swim and play in the shallows of Hopkins Island, South Australia. Photo: Michael Patrick O'Neill

Get involved

Our health, economy and livelihoods depend on nature thriving, so we all have a stake and a role to play to fix this. From people and communities to governments and business.

From speaking out against pollution and destruction, to planting trees and creating habitat for wildlife, nature lovers from all walks of life are coming together and rolling up their sleeves to save our big backyard.

Over half a million people have signed ACF’s biggest ever petition calling for laws that actually protect nature and an independent regulator to enforce them – a crucial next step for our federal government. Tens of thousands have called on decision-makers, made submissions, and spread the word.

Join us! Together let’s pull together to save our big backyard.

Our lives and livelihoods depend on thriving nature. Together, let’s save our big backyard.

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