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08 November 19
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signed Sign the open letter to Matt Canavan: Don't dump radioactive waste facility on regional South Australia 2019-12-09 13:30:16 +1100
Mr Canavan.The Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, ignominious exploits to garnish support for a realpolitik program to abandon nuclear waste in a community of unwilling people is unacceptable and courting with untold risks to people, a fragile environment and represents bad judgement by ANSTO and DIIS with a failure to procure a site compatible for the abandonment of such waste.

   ANSTO, Lucas Heights and the nuclear industry with its poor safety record is supported by its 1200 strong work-force whom have pumped radioactive effluent into the river, released radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and radiated its own workers, yet they eagerly want to expand these risks by burdening a SA community with waste that fails to meet any of the DIIS criteria for safe abandonment.

   You, Matt, may not be adroit to the fact that the laws of physics state that Lucas Heights will remain a radioactive dump for the radioactive waste it produces for more than 10 years after they shut the door on the facility, and Australia only needs one dump not two.

In 1992 Australia signed the Basel Convention stating they will keep toxic waste close to the point of production to limit risks. Our concerns also include the lack of consultation regarding determination of transport routes and availability of resources, training, and infrastructure for emergency preparedness, response, and risk management for potential incidents during shipment
2019-12-09 13:30:16 +1100

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