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great forest national park

Ask Premier Andrews to protect our great forests

Let's protect Victoria's tall trees and threatened wildlife for all Australians.
great forest national park

Watch the video: Devastating new footage exposes the scale of logging east of Melbourne

27 February 17

Volunteer citizen scientists film vulnerable and endangered animals in logging coupes.

great forest national park

After logging started, they found this

26 February 17

Near the famous 350-year-old Ada tree, Vicforests just clear-felled magnificent mountain ash forest. Volunteers from Wildlife of the Central Highlands searched all night to find a critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum in the logging coup. It's time for the Victorian Premier to protect our tall forests in a great new national park.

energy transformation campaign

WA election: email your candidates

Tell your local candidates about the future you want for Western Australia.
energy transformation campaign

Pledge your support for a sun-powered Queensland!

Beautiful one day, renewable the next.

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5 ideas whose time has come

It’s time to champion big ideas. And common sense. Like cutting pollution and powering our lives with clean energy from sun and wind. Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love. 

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We love the web of life right across our continent, from the Kimberley to the Murray, from the reef right down the Great Dividing Range to Tasmania’s forests. We can connect and protect our mountain ranges, ancient forests, living reefs and life-giving rivers.