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Tell the Environment Minister to stop Adani’s giant coal mine and protect the Great Barrier Reef.

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ACF appeals Federal Court decision on Adani’s Carmichael coal mine

19 September 16

The Australian Conservation Foundation has lodged an appeal to the Federal Court’s decision which found the approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine to be lawful.

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Why this matters

15 September 16

Losing our court case was a sad moment for our community. But we went into this knowing that if we lost, it would put the wheels in motion for something far greater.

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ACF versus the Environment Minister – our Adani court case explained

15 September 16

ACF's General Counsel, Elizabeth McKinnon explains why ACF challenged the Environment Minister's approval of Adani's giant Carmichael coal mine, and what happened.

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Weak conditions of approval for the Carmichael coal mine give Adani a ‘licence to kill’

12 September 16

New report shows no penalty for Adani if massive coal mine does more environmental damage than expected.

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Stop Adani’s giant coal mine and protect the Great Barrier Reef

Petitioning Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg

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Minister, you say that we need to address climate change. Now is your chance to back up your words with real action by rejecting Adani’s Carmichael coal mine and protecting our Great Barrier Reef. Please listen to the people you represent and protect our country and planet.
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