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great forest national park

Ask Premier Andrews to protect our great forests

Let's protect Victoria's tall trees and threatened wildlife for all Australians.
nuclear free

Radioactive repeat: federal radioactive waste "Groundhog Day" increases uncertainty

21 March 17

A small town on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula is again in the frame as a site for Australia’s nuclear waste despite being ruled out of consideration less than one year ago because of deep community concern and opposition to the plan.

carmichael campaign

Geoff Cousins leads stop Adani mine India tour: delivers letter from eminent Australians

16 March 17

High profile delegation of Australian citizens to deliver letter to Adani in India.


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Come on a journey into Olkola Country

Walk the land with the Olkola People. Learn how they are managing their country and how this fits into the bigger picture of restoring land to Traditional Owners and conservation on Cape York. Search for the endangered Golden Shouldered Parrot. Share a yarn over tea and damper by the campfire, and sleep under a billion stars.
energy transformation campaign

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts – but not for long, if our leaders fail to protect them

08 March 17

Funding for conservation has been in dramatic decline since 2013 and now only amounts to 5c in every 100 dollars of taxpayer expenditure.

nuclear free

All is not as it should be: Fukushima

07 March 17

A radio documentary about the ongoing human and environmental impact of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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