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We're making the next election the climate election. Are you in?

30 July 18

Come to a climate election campaign launch near you – hear our strategy and find out how you can elevate the issue of climate damage in the places it matters most.

stop adani

Adani has finance – what happens next?

20 July 18

Adani has reportedly secured finance for their polluting coal mine. Watch the video of Gautam Adani’s son, Karan Adani, revealing the news.

energy transformation

Read the plan to Repower Australia with clean energy from sun and wind

03 May 18

100% clean energy: let's get on with it!

energy transformation

Stop PM Turnbull's anti-clean energy plan

Tell your State or Territory Energy Minister to reject the NEG in its current form

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Shawn DSouza
2018-08-15 04:45:43 +1000
Shawn signed a petition:
signed Don't support a plan to ship, store and bury the world's radioactive waste in Australia 2018-08-15 04:45:43 +1000
Shawn Ruben DSouza
David Wong
2018-08-15 00:07:29 +1000
David signed a petition:
signed No radioactive waste dump in Kimba or Flinders Ranges 2018-08-15 00:07:29 +1000
Melanie BarkeR
2018-08-14 23:47:45 +1000
Melanie is attending
rsvped for Changing the story Darwin 2018-08-14 23:47:45 +1000
Deborah Hall
2018-08-14 23:30:57 +1000
Deborah is attending
rsvped for Changing the story Darwin 2018-08-14 23:30:57 +1000

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We are Australia’s national environment organisation. We speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent and funded by donations from our community.

5 ideas whose time has come

It’s time to champion big ideas. And common sense. Like cutting pollution and powering our lives with clean energy from sun and wind. Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love. 

5 places we love

We love the web of life right across our continent, from the Kimberley to the Murray, from the reef right down the Great Dividing Range to Tasmania’s forests. We can connect and protect our mountain ranges, ancient forests, living reefs and life-giving rivers.