A living legacy

By giving a gift to ACF in your will, you can play a vital role in protecting our lives and all life around us. Every gift, large or small, makes a difference. 

Your will can reflect what has been important to you in your lifetime.

What will future generations see as our legacy?  Will they experience our rare and beautiful wildlife? Will they marvel at the reef, the Range and our ancient forests as we do, and remember us for shaping a better future?

We think they will. By giving a gift in your will, you can make this your living legacy – an exceptional gift indeed

You can leave ACF a residuary gift (the balance remaining after loved ones are provided for), a specific gift of cash or property, or a proportion or percentage of your estate.

You may wish to make your gift through your will in memory of someone special. ACF will mention the name of the person for whom the gift is made on our website here and in our Annual Report.

Our suggested wording for a will is:

“I give the rest and residue...


“I give [insert description of specific gift]


“I give [insert percentage] %

of my estate free from all debts (secured and unsecured) and all duties and taxes (whether federal or state) payable in respect of my estate to the Australian Conservation Foundation Incorporated (ABN 22 007 498 482) (“ACF”) for its general purposes, and I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer of the said ACF shall be a full and sufficient discharge of this bequest.”

Get in touch

We would love to know once you have included ACF in your will – to thank you and invite you to our ACF Living Legacy community events and special occasions. Please let us know!

For inquiries or to request a copy of our Living Legacy bequest brochure, email or phone our bequest officer on 1800 223 669 (free call) or 03 9345 1120 direct.

Our living legacy community

ACF's living legacy community recognises all those supporters who have decided to extend their giving after their lifetime. We thank everyone who has arranged to give a gift to ACF in their will to create a living legacy of a beautiful natural world.




Legacy leaders

Our living legacy community is made up of supporters who have included a gift to ACF in their will. If you believe the value of your future gift is likely to be $100,000 or more, we would with your permission acknowledge you as a legacy leader here and in our annual report.

We wish to thank all those who have let us know about their gift.

Legacy leaders

Miss Marian Bear
Ms Alice Beauchamp
Mr Stephen and Mrs Janice Blakeney
Miss Margaret Bowman
Ms Rhonda Boyle
Ms Barbara Briggs
Ms Jane Crouch
Mr David Fisher
Mr Kahn Franke
Mr Phillip Geschke
Ms Helen Gillam
Mr Andrew Griffiths
Mr Kym Hancock
Ms Margaret and Mr Grahame Hardy
Dr Jennifer Herrick
Ms Annelie Holden
Ms Sandy Jennings
Ms Valerie Johnstone
Professor Byron Lamont
Mr Harold Levien
Mr Bruce Lindenmayer
Mr Tony Marshall and Ms Marsha Durham

Mr Neil and Mrs Pam McDonald
Mr Eric Miller
Mr Philip Morris
Ms Bronwyn Morris
Mrs Ruth Pfanner
Mr Frank Pierce
Mr James Richardson
Ms Morag Ryder
Mr Geoff Shores
Mr Gilvray Smith
Mr Brian Snape
Mrs Diana Snape
Mr Peter Timms
Mr Jack Trezise
Ms Laurel Tsang
Ms Beverley Weynton
Ms Merilyn Whimpey
Dr Judy Williams
Ms Patricia Williamsz

And thank you to all our bequestors who wish to stay anonymous.

Legacies living on

ACF is so grateful for those who made the thoughtful gesture of giving a gift in their will to protect the places we love for generations to come.

ACF has been a beneficiary of the following estates in the past 12 months.

Legacies living on

Ms Chris Burrowes
Dr Peter Cook
Mr Brent John Couper
and Ms Joy London
Ms Cecily Dignan
Mrs Jean Edgecombe
Ms Margie Fenn
Ms Loris Grote
Miss Kaye Hawkes
Mrs Gwen Keir
Dr Barry Moore
Mrs Marian Parker
Mrs Marie-Francoise Thompson
Ms Penny van Toorn

Our Living Legacy community

Meet some of the people who have chosen to give a gift to ACF in their wills. 

Hedley Thomson

"From the age of around five, my family holidayed on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, so school holidays were spent exploring the beach, the sea, the foreshore, and taking in wonderful views from the bush hinterland. I started supporting ACF in the early 1970s as it was the pre-eminent national environmental organisation and one that was concerned with the care and management of the environment in its broadest sense.

As a town/land use planner, this broad, integrated view of nature and our relationship to it made sense to me. I now believe climate change is without any doubt our most critical environmental issue. I decided to leave a gift in my will to ACF because I believe it’s good to leave even a small contribution to the ongoing work and functioning of this very important organisation."

Laurel Tsang

“I was born in Shanghai and arrived in Sydney in 1951 when I was 10. I was rescued from the surf almost immediately (my mother had no idea about surf or the rip at Maroubra). I still fell in love with the beach and lifeguards. In the 1960s we joined ACF. My decision to make ACF a beneficiary of my will was made decades ago and is even more important now. I am often reminded of how fragile natural beauty is and that it requires constant vigilance.”

Living Legacy community events

Throughout the year we organise events such as special briefings, nature walks and morning teas to name a few. It is a great way to meet people like you who care passionately about our forests, rivers and wildlife, get to know ACF’s staff and hear first-hand about what we are doing to create the change we need for our living world to thrive.


Campaigns Catch up at the botanical gardens. Brisbane, 2017


Tour group at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Cranbourne, Victoria, 2017

Join our community

Will you join other like-minded people and give a gift to ACF in your will? 

For further information, please contact our bequest officer on 1800 223 669 (free call), 03 9345 1120 (direct) or via email.

Together, let's leave a legacy of clean air, thriving wildlife, abundant rainforests, flowing rivers and healthy oceans.

A living legacy.