19 October 16

Listen to Dave Sweeney discuss the proposed Flinders Ranges national nuclear waste dump

The federal government has chosen a site in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia as its preferred location for a national nuclear waste dump. In this interview, ACF's nuclear free campaigner explains what's going on. 

17 October 16

Good for the goose: Australia’s please explain on coal

While savaging state governments for strong growth in renewables, the Australian Government has drawn the attention of other countries for its failure to reduce carbon emissions.

13 October 16

Coal inquiry reveals gap in energy planning

A Senate committee will examine how best to close coal power stations to meet Australia’s climate change targets.

07 October 16

Energy security must mean going clean and preparing for more extreme weather

Energy ministers commission review into the stability of Australia’s energy market.

07 October 16

It's crunch time for the people in power

Today’s COAG meeting of energy Ministers should work towards a coordinated national plan to transform Australia’s energy system.

05 October 16

South Australian blackout highlights need for a national energy transition plan

Energy market operator's preliminary report confirms SA blackout was caused by extreme weather.

29 September 16

Coal the real culprit for SA storms

The storms show the vulnerability of Australian cities to climate change, not the failures of renewable energy

29 September 16

Australia unprepared for increase in extreme weather events

Coal is fuelling climate change, but some people want to blame renewables for SA power outage.