21 December 17

South Australia radioactive waste dump – community says, “No way Jay!”

Watch the video to see how your voice reaches decision makers.

24 May 17

Come to ACF Count Me In events in Australian capital cities

It’s time to repower Australia with clean, renewable energy from the sun, wind and waves.

24 May 17

‘Dirty Deeds’ – The shady web behind potential Adani finance

An Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) investigation has discovered the publically funded Export Finance Investment Corporation (Efic) could be used as a backdoor option to finance Adani’s Carmichael coal mine.

22 May 17

Public wants NAIF money spent on renewables, not coal - new poll

Australians want the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility to support renewable energy and education, not coal.

09 May 17

Budget 2017: Turnbull government funds pollution over people and nature

Malcolm Turnbull’s budget puts big polluters ahead of the community and the air, water, forest and land that sustain us.

09 May 17

Heat and hope at Camp Warrawee

Journalist, songwriter and activist David Costello shares stories from ACF's Convergence event at Camp Warrawee, March 17-19

08 May 17

Big polluters should pay and the government is without a plan: Australians at odds with their government over nature

As the federal budget approaches, new polling shows the Turnbull government is out of touch with Australians on environmental issues.