14 June 18

ACF Community June webinar - View recording

Each month, we host ACF Community webinars to build a vibrant, powerful and well organised ACF Community to change the story and build people power to fix the system.

14 June 18

Queensland LNP leader’s commitment to a “future without coal” a positive step

Queensland is also blessed with some of the world’s best wind and solar resources.

13 June 18

Adani's new water works must be subject to proper assessment under environmental law

Adani’s proposal to construct water infrastructure must be subject to a full and rigorous assessment under environmental laws.

08 June 18

WWF & ACF: “We could be charged with espionage for doing our job”

Charities who hold the Australian Government to account on its environmental record could be charged under proposed foreign interference and espionage laws.

08 June 18

Minister Frydenberg must protect our alpine wilderness following reckless NSW feral horse bill

Minister Frydenberg could fast-track a threat abatement plan under national environment law to stop damage from feral horses.

07 June 18

Federal implications of the NSW Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Bill 2018

The NSW bill will ensure damage from feral horses on the sensitive alpine environments of Kosciuszko National Park continue and increase, despite the numerous threatened species and rare ecosystems that call the park home.

06 June 18

Special exemptions from water rules for mining companies must be scrapped

Mining and petroleum companies have been exempted from water use caps at the expense of our rivers, aquifers and freshwater wildlife species.