21 July 16

Busting a few myths about renewable energy and electricity prices in South Australia

Renewable energy is being wrongly blamed for high energy prices in South Australia.

18 July 16

ACF welcomes new Environment Minister

The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Josh Frydenberg as the new Minister for Environment and Energy.

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15 July 16

Australia's nuclear powered PR in melt down

With nuclear energy take-up shrinking post Fukushima, Australia continues to ignore the UN's call for an independent cost-benefit analysis of our high risk-low return uranium trade, writes Dave Sweeney

13 July 16

Get a placard!

Show your care for future generations.

13 July 16

Love forests, oceans and rivers? Download a poster

I love forests, oceans and rivers

13 July 16

Love a sun-powered country? Download a poster

Put up a poster in a cafe or community centre to show your support for clean energy.

13 July 16

Love your grandchildren? Get a poster

Download it, print it, and put it up!

13 July 16

Share your love for forests, oceans and rivers

Download the graphic for social media.