11 December 18

Australia back with the laggards in climate ranking

Australia is rated as one of the worst countries for climate pollution per person and one of the worst for its national climate policy.

10 December 18

Take care of yourself

Let's make sure we're strong enough to rebuild our world. 

06 December 18

Stop Adani rallies this weekend!

Join the #StopAdani Alliance this Saturday 8 December for rallies in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

06 December 18

Disturbing Toondah Harbour revelations underscore urgent need for stronger environment laws

Josh Frydenberg was advised by his department on multiple occasions the Toondah Harbour apartment and marina proposal should be rejected outright because of the damage it would do to an internationally protected wetland.

05 December 18

The Macquarie Marshes desperately need more water

Bill Massman talks about the devastating impact that short-sighted water-sharing plans are having on the marshes

05 December 18

Analysis shows Australia lagging similar countries in improving pollution intensity of the economy

Australia emits more than twice as much climate pollution per person than the average G20 nation.

04 December 18

Australia vs the World: Australia’s pollution profile & how to turn it around

Australia is far behind similar economies in terms of pollution per person and emission intensity of our economy.

04 December 18

ADANI: We're going to court

It’s the 11th hour in this campaign. It’s time to pull out all the stops.