The homes of our unique and threatened wildlife are bulldozed at the rate of 52 hectares every hour.

That’s the size of 28 Sydney Opera Houses.
8 Melbourne Cricket Grounds.
7 Suncorp Stadiums.
9 Adelaide Ovals.
8 Optus Stadiums.
33 Salamanca Arts Precincts.


Nature is in crisis in Australia. We have the highest rate of deforestation in the developed world.

Since Australia’s national environment protection law took effect 20 years ago, more than seven million hectares of threatened species habitat has been destroyed*.

The consequences of such grand scale destruction are huge. Australia has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world – even the koala is now endangered across New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT because we keep destroying their homes. Since colonisation, we’ve caused the extinction of 34 mammal species. That’s the same number as the rest of the world combined.

Extinction is a choice. Governments and businesses must stop bulldozing the homes of our most vulnerable wildlife.

To stop the destruction and end extinction we need everyone who loves nature to speak up.

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We have the solutions to turn this around, and we all have a role to play in protecting the places and wildlife we love.

Join forces with ACF to urge the Albanese Government to make strong new nature laws so they actually protect nature, pressure Australia’s biggest investors including banks to stop financing nature destruction, and expose and stop the companies bulldozing irreplaceable forests and bushlands.

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Open Letter for Nature

As a nation we’re dependent on nature. Our health, our national identity, our economic systems, our children’s futures – are all at stake now. With urgency, we need bold and courageous action to protect everything we love. We must save our big backyard.

Some of Australia's biggest names have joined our calls for stronger national environment laws that protect the places we love and help reverse nature destruction.

Athletes and sportspeople: Cathy Freeman, Craig Foster, Jordan Roughead, Lizzie Hedding, Matthew Richardson, Layne Beachley.

Artists, actors and authors: Midnight Oil, Missy Higgins, Nick Cave, Tim Winton, Alex the Astronaut, Budjerah, Drapht, Marcia Hines, Pete Murray, Kirk Pengilly, Milan Ring, Aaron Pedersen, Claudia Karvan, David Wenham, Osher Günsberg, Benjamin Law, Aaron Chen, Dan Ilic, Tessa de Josselin, Cameron Daddo.

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*Australian Conservation Foundation, Threatened species habitat the size of Tasmania destroyed since environment law enacted.

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