07 September 18

Fast-tracking extinction: Australia's national environmental law

An area of threatened species habitat larger than the state of Tasmania has been destroyed in just 17 years.

07 September 18

ACF's 2018 National Agenda

The majority of Australians expect our government to lead with a plan to protect nature and stop climate damage. ACF’s National Agenda is this plan. It outlines ten actions a good government would take to create a better Australia, for everyone, and every living thing.

02 May 18

Repower Australia Plan

The Plan to Repower Australia was researched and written by the Community Power Agency and a team of experts on behalf of 350.org, Australian Conservation Foundation, GetUp!, Solar Citizens, Environment Victoria, and Nature Conservation Council of NSW. It sets out what we need to do to repower Australia with 100% renewable electricity.

06 March 18

Australia's Extinction Crisis

Australia’s national environment laws are failing to protect critical habitat that is crucial to saving our endangered species, a new report from the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has found.

02 February 18

National Energy Guarantee briefing

A critique of the NEG's likely impact on energy markets, coal generation closure, clean energy and power system security.

30 November 17

Un(EFIC)al Behaviour

The Australian Export Finance and Insurance Corporation’s potential involvement with the Carmichael coal mine and rail project.

13 October 17

Corruption in environmental decision-making

How principles of ‘anti-corruption’ can and need to be applied to government decision-making regarding environmental approvals, planning and natural resources.

02 October 17

A Fistful of Dollars

Adani’s Preferential Treatment by Federal, State and Local Australian Governments