We are Australia’s national environment organisation, a community of more than half a million people taking action to protect our communities and wildlife.

Working together, we achieve incredible things. Discover all the ways you can get involved today!

Join a community group and meet face-to-face with local volunteers who love nature, attend an event, start your own community fundraiser, donate to power our work or sign and share a petition. And that’s just a snippet of how we can work together.

The action we take together can shift government and business and achieve the outcomes we need for our environment to thrive. Let’s act now for all living things.

Ways to get involved

Get ready for Wild At Art

Our threatened species art competition for kids aged 5-12 is back in 2022.

Help us spot platypus!

Sign up to the platy-project this September and help researchers understand more about this elusive animal.

Join a community group

Link up with like-minded people in your neighbourhood

Find out more

Fundraise with us

Organise a bake sale, movie night, tree-planting etc. to raise awareness and funds for our living world.

Fundraise with us

Attend an event

See what’s happening near you and online

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Current opportunities to help nature!

Fund our work

ACF is proudly funded by our community. It means we are independent, non-partisan and fearless in pursuing great outcomes for nature.

Generous donations power our work like environmental investigations that uncover illegal habitat destruction and court cases that challenge some of Australia’s biggest polluters.

From a one-off donation to giving regularly to leaving a gift in your will, there are many ways you can help to create a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. Explore ways you can fund our work today. 

Fund our work

Work with us

Check out all the current vacancies to work with ACF. 

Work with us

Other ways to get involved

  • Subscribe for updates on the biggest environmental issues in your inbox. There’ll also be chances to join thousands of others in critical collective action.
  • Sign a petition and raise your voice for an issue you care about like strong environment laws that actually protect nature. 

Need help deciding how to get involved? Sign up for a welcome call to explore opportunities in-depth and find your best fit.

Together we are powerful

Over almost 60 years, we have been able to protect some of our incredible places like the Daintree Rainforest and Ningaloo Reef from pollution and destruction.

We know that every win we’ve had along the way has been made possible by everyday people across the country taking action with us.

Together we’ve built a powerful movement for nature protection and climate action, and won hearts and minds around the country.

Get involved today, and help grow our movement so we can achieve better for nature and our communities. 

Our Organisation

We are Australia’s national environment organisation. We are a community of 700,000 people who speak out, show up and act for a world where forests, rivers, people and wildlife thrive. We are proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from our community.

A handful of people formed ACF 50 years ago when mining first threatened the Great Barrier Reef. Now the ACF community has grown into a powerful force for nature.

We bring together people from community, government and business. Our community advocates against pollution and destruction, and for our living world. We hold decision makers to account. We champion big ideas, and find common ground with unlikely partners.

We love and protect the web of life right across our continent, from the Kimberley to the Murray, the reef down the Great Dividing Range to Tasmania’s forests.

People power our campaigns. We are proudly independent, non-partisan and funded by donations from our community.

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