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Climate bill passes Senate

News | 08 September 22

What is the Climate Change Bill 2022?

News | 08 September 22

Send letter to your Coalition Senators: Vote yes for Climate Change Bill

Climate damage is here, now

We are in an unprecedented climate and mass extinction crisis. At risk is everything: all of us and all life on Earth.

Catastrophic floods and bushfires. Blistering heatwaves. Reef bleaching. Severe drought. Climate damage is harming the people we love and it’s getting worse.

Right now, we are being thrown into climate chaos, caused by big coal and nature-wrecking corporations, the billionaires who profit from them and the politicians they have bought.

It’s time to work together to revitalise our democracy, fix the systems that are destroying life, and create a world that works for everyone and every living thing.

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It’s 2022 and Australia’s governments are still handing billions of dollars in public money to fossil fuels

News | 05 October 22

Queensland plans to go clean and be virtually off coal by 2035

News | 28 September 22

ACF submission on proposed changes to the Safeguard Mechanism

Climate bill passes Senate

News | 08 September 22

Climate bill passes Senate, now time for policy action

News | 08 September 22

What is the Climate Change Bill 2022?

News | 08 September 22

Act now to create a renewable export industry

News | 07 September 22

Sign the petition so Queensland CAN! be a climate & nature champion


Jobs and Skills Summit: Why we’re pushing for a renewable exports strategy

News | 30 August 22

Clean exports: jobs boom and a safe climate

A better future is not only possible, but necessary

Together, we can and must solve this, and in doing so, build a world that’s good for everyone and every living.

We can power this country with clean, renewable energy, rapidly phase out coal and help communities transition to jobs with a future. We can make business a force for good, revitalise our faltering democracy and repair the damage to our living planet.

It might not seem like it now, but we are entering one of the most important decades in human history. This will be the most creative, transformative decade humanity has ever seen.

Simply because it has to be.

It’s time for courage and action – and a whole movement of people, coordinated, passionate, pushing forward together, all over Australia.

So let's get on with it. 

We are in a climate and extinction crisis. It’s time for action.