08 December 16

Funding Adani would be Turnbull's Trump moment

Australians will not stand by while the Great Barrier Reef becomes a bleached wasteland and our Prime Minister entrenches Australia's dependence on a dirty, declining industry, writes Geoff Cousins.

05 December 16

National Parks bring prosperity, so how about a little more funding?

A recent announcement to increase Queensland’s national parks and reserves by 366,000 hectares is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for the State’s economy

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30 November 16

Major parties push a losing uranium sector to India at great risk

With little fuss or fanfare, Australia's two major parties have this week passed an innocuous enough sounding law with very far reaching implications.

28 November 16

Gaping holes appear in Turnbull’s Direct Action climate policy

The Australian Government continues to state that its ‘Direct Action’ climate policy is working, but we keep seeing more evidence that our greenhouse pollution is going up.

28 November 16

On shaky ground: Australian uranium and Fukushima

THE powerful earthquake that struck off the coast of Fukushima prefecture in Japan last week, is a stark reminder of the deep and continuing safety concerns following the 2011 nuclear disaster.

25 November 16

Properly looking after the River Murray requires long-term thinking and strong leadership

History has taught us that properly looking after our river systems requires long-term thinking and strong leadership.

24 November 16

Uranium deal between Australia and Ukraine a bad idea

Auranium sales deal between the country that fuelled Fukushima and the one that gave the world Chernobyl doesn’t sound like a good one. And it’s not.

18 November 16

What the Trump victory means for climate action in Australia

In the international Climate Change Performance index, Australia ranked fifth-last out of 58 countries. So where to from here, and where does climate sit with the incoming President Trump?