Did you know that one of the most powerful tools to fight climate damage and protect nature is your superannuation?


Animation of a koala watching a super fund take on fossil fuel companies


Your retirements savings can help the wildlife and places you love, right now.

Each pay day, a portion of your salary goes into your superannuation fund. But your money doesn’t just sit there.

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Your superannuation invests your money into different companies with the aim of growing your retirement savings. Sometimes, these investments are into companies that make the world a better place, but far too often they are investments into climate-wrecking fossil fuel giants.

Companies like Woodside Energy and Santos are continuing to expand harmful fossil fuel projects - wrecking our climate and harming nature, all while lining their pockets.

Animation of super funds investing money into fossil fuels


Let’s put this into perspective. A December 2022 snapshot showed that the largest 15 super funds in Australia have invested an eye-watering $25 billion of our retirements savings into companies carrying out new coal, oil and gas projects.

It’s a hard number to swallow, but there’s good news. This investment means that superfunds have a seat at the table of companies they invest in, like Woodside and Santos, and can vote on important issues like company strategy and the election of company directors.

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Super funds have the power to vote out directors who ignore climate change and vote in climate action.

This is where you come in. Together, we can urge our super funds to vote on our behalf and use their power as shareholders for good.

It is YOUR retirement savings, and your future.

Putting money into climate action


Send a letter to your super fund today, urging them to hold climate polluters like Woodside Energy to account and use their power for good!


Jolene Elberth

Corporate Campaign Program Manager