Write and send an email to the Climate Change Minister now asking for a new climate target of Net Zero by 2035.

New ACF analysis shows that the Albanese Government's approval or support of sixteen new coal and gas export projects would generate more than seven times as much climate pollution than the government’s policies will save. That's a ratio of 7-to-1!

The government says it’s not responsible for the emissions when Australian coal and gas is burnt overseas, but the fact remains that Albanese government decisions are fuelling global warming. It’s the difference between climate accounting and climate accountability.

Now, 18 months after its election, it's time for the Albanese Government and Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen to take accountability for actually slashing climate pollution and preventing extreme weather events from getting worse. 

Let's urge the Minister to act – write and send your email now asking for a new climate target of Net Zero by 2035.

A Net Zero by 2035 target is aligned with limiting global warming to 1.5C and would set the ambition needed to drive real-world action and protect communities and wildlife from climate-fuelled extreme weather, such as:

  • Ending the approval of coal and gas export projects
  • Halting and reversing nature destruction
  • Ramping up renewable energy
  • Growing renewable exports

Tips for writing your email

  • Be polite – there is another human on the other end reading your email
  • Introduce who you are and why slashing climate pollution is important to you (for example: to create a safe future for your children and/or grandchildren, to stop extreme heat and/or drought from getting worse in your town or city)
  • Alert the Minister to the climate pollution that would be generated from new coal and gas export projects. When Australian coal and gas is burnt overseas, it fuels global warming
  • Ask the Climate Change Minister to set a Net Zero emissions by 2035 target (that's 15 years quicker than the current plan!)
  • Ask for a reply to your email
  • Thank the Minister and his staff for taking the time to read your email