Gladstone's next chapter

Gladstone is a constantly changing city that has faced too many cycles of boom and bust. It has the talent, tools and adaptability to transition into Australia’s clean energy powerhouse, bringing more job security and prosperity to its community now and for future generations.

By 2037, the Queensland Government has set a target for the state to be 95% powered by renewables. Regions like Gladstone will be heavily relied upon to meet the huge new demand for clean energya challenge that has been embraced by the local community and industry.

Together we can secure a renewables transition that benefits everyone in Gladstone. Show your support.

I want a fair transition for Gladstone!

Momentum is building:

  • The Gladstone Regional Council is the first Australian council to make a plan for the transition to renewables, which lays the groundwork for the community to have a say on how the transition happens.
  • Gladstone’s biggest employer Rio Tinto is decarbonising its Boyne Island and Tomago aluminum smelters, halving its carbon emissions by 2030.
  • Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Future Industries are moving in with the world’s biggest electrolyser factory for green hydrogen to be based in Gladstone.
  • The Queensland Government has a $2 billion fund ready to go for renewable energy and hydrogen jobs and has committed $145 million to renewable energy zones, including one in Central Queensland, that will generate, transmit, and store the anticipated influx of clean energy.

We are at the start of a big clean energy switch with demand growing and Gladstone is uniquely placed with its skills in manufacturing and exports to supply the world's clean energy demands. There is so much to gain from embracing and producing in-demand clean energy and goods for generations to come.

Local people are coming together to advocate for Gladstone to fully embrace the clean energy switch to secure a bright future. Join the local ACF Community Gladstone group today.

“The future of Gladstone is one where industry and the environment are on an equal footing.”

- Emma Smith, Local Mum, Teacher and ACF Community Gladstone Member

A rapidly changing future

For decades, Gladstone has helped power Australia and reaped the benefits with strong industry and jobs. But change is happening fast.

ACF is a proud member of the Gladstone Community Alliance and is currently working with the community to make sure the people of Gladstone have a strong voice in shaping the region’s rapidly changing future.

We know that together we can achieve much more than we can on our own. Together our voices will be heard and if we lead the transition today, we can guarantee jobs for decades.

It’s why the Gladstone Community Alliance is having hundreds of conversations with locals.

We’re asking the community what a brighter future means to them. What does it mean to you? It could be:

  • Stabilising house prices and affordability
  • Improving our social services, education and healthcare
  • Growing and diversifying our industries like eco-tourism and the arts
  • Guaranteeing local jobs in renewable-powered industries
  • Creating training and pathways for our workers and youth to have long careers in renewable-powered industries

Together, let’s create a future the Gladstone community wants.

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Let’s secure a renewables transition that benefits everyone in Gladstone

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