The Australian Conservation Foundation has welcomed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s support for Australia to develop a world-leading renewable manufacturing and export industry.

“With strategic implementation and enough public investment to back it, this could unlock the billions of dollars of private investment needed to replace Australia’s fossil fuel exports with responsibly produced renewable technologies,” said ACF’s exports campaigner Elizabeth Sullivan.

“Along with a fossil fuel phase out and adaptation measures, this is how Australia can tackle climate change head on, while creating good jobs for Australians and a secure energy future.

“Powering Australia with sunshine and wind, harnessed by Australian-made components, is an important part of decarbonising our energy systems.

“A well-executed, properly funded ‘Future Made in Australia Act’ will benefit all Australians, especially those in regions that have traditionally relied on fossil fuel production.

“Places like Gladstone in central Queensland will likely be amongst the first to benefit from new jobs and industries as we transform and decarbonise our economy.”

ACF has been calling for a coordinated renewable manufacturing and exports plan since 2021.

Analysis by ACF, WWF, the ACTU and the Business Council of Australia showed a program like this could deliver close to 400,000 jobs and inject more than $300bn into the economy.

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