Our job at ACF is to make sure that you have the support you need to campaign locally for nature and climate action. There’s a range of different support available. This is a directory to help you find what you need, when you need it.

Can’t find something? Ask one of our volunteers on the Community Helpdesk or at [email protected].


➜ ACF Community Hub

The Community Hub is our starting point for all resources, links and information for community groups:

➜ New Groups

When you’re just starting out as a group it can be tricky to know where to start! We’re here to help. As a new group you have access to:

➜ Digital tools
Slack Connect with other ACF staff and volunteers: share ideas, strategy, report back, ask, organise.
Facebook groups To recruit and reach out to your community
Canva To design flyers, posters & other collateral
Supporterbase To communicate with your list of supporters
Community Helpdesk  To request assistance, obtain links, and receive timely responses to your queries
➜ Peer coaching network

Team leaders in community groups are connected with leaders in other groups doing a similar network role, so that they can share ideas & troubleshoot challenges.

➜ Monthly newsletter

Each month we produce a newsletter that celebrates the impact of our collective action last month, and outlines what’s coming up this month.

➜ Training

We offer a lot of training to give you the skills and confidence you need to take on new challenges in your campaigning:

  • Activate training: for learning the basics of organising and campaigning
  • Online network training: for learning specific skills to help you in your role
  • Train-the-trainer: for learning how to train others.
  • Advanced Campaigning & Organising Training: for honing and developing advanced organising and campaigning skills

See what’s coming up on the training calendar.

➜ Group Health Framework

ACF’s annual Group Health Report provides a useful snapshot of how ACF community groups around Australia are feeling: are they working together effectively, do they feel well supported and where (if anywhere) can ACF intervene with training, tools or additional support? We measure group health because we believe that group health is the single biggest indicator of whether a group will be impactful and achieve their and ACF’s people power objectives. The survey methodology, reporting and workshops are all outlined in our Group Health Framework.

➜ Webinars

ACF Community Webinar: Hear campaign updates & strategies, learn new skills, hear case studies, connect with other volunteers across the country.

➜ Coaching

ACF provides coaching for groups in a variety of ways to help you troubleshoot any challenges you might be facing. This includes:

  • Briefing & debriefing MP meetings with Campaign Coaches
  • Coaching from our Story Strategy Coach on how to engage with media & social media
  • Coaching from our People Power Coaches on events & activities to grow & strengthen your group.
  • Coaching for some groups on campaign strategy, leadership and organising with an ACF Community Organiser.

Contact [email protected] or the Community Helpdesk to access this support!

➜ Group funding and Insurance

ACF provides funding to support ACF Community groups’ local advocacy efforts. It’s administered through an annual grant agreement between the group and ACF. Find out more about the eligibility and conditions of this funding.

ACF also provides public liability insurance and voluntary worker injury cover for its community groups. This is particularly relevant to your public activities. Lots of venue providers, including council, will require you to have public liability insurance to book venues. To find out more about the activities that are covered and to get a copy of the certificate, contact the Community Helpdesk or [email protected].

➜ Merch and Materials

ACF also provides merch like t-shirts, buttons, banners, flyers and other materials to get ACF’s name and campaigns out there. There are ACF materials you can easily print yourself via Canva, and for anything else, contact the Community Helpdesk or [email protected].

➜ Events

Report back on events that you host to help improve the support available to you. 

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