Join us on Slack to connect and communicate with like-minded supporters, group members and staff right across the ACF Community. 

Slack is a messaging app where we can talk, share information, and work together.

It helps us stay in touch, see what groups are up to all across the country, and give and receive support. Joining the ACF Slack is also the best way to keep up to date on campaign updates and tactics, and broader movement activities!

💻 Join a Slack training! 💻

Join our 'Using Slack' training to learn how to use Slack like the pros! RSVP at the links below:

Slack training: TBC

How do you join and use Slack? 

This video tutorial runs through the process to join, and steps you through the main features and functions of Slack.

You can refer to this guide for groups, or for further Slack support, get in touch via