We are powerful when we act together. While each ACF Community group is independent and sets their own priorities, we ask that at least half the group’s efforts are dedicated to our national campaigns.

There are key moments coming up over the next few months on which your group can have a significant impact!

Campaign Strategy

Climate damage is here, now. We can’t wait any longer. Scientists say Australia needs to slash pollution this decade to do our part and have a chance of a healthy future.

We need a plan to renew Australia that puts people, nature and our climate at the centre. We have huge opportunities to cut climate pollution, restore nature and create thriving communities with good, future-proof jobs.

We can and must do more to do our fair share and match up to what other nations are doing.
We know the majority of Australians agree the federal government should be doing more to address climate change.

That’s why ACF is bringing together other community organisations and businesses for our Together We Can campaign, which will demonstrate to the government this widespread demand for action, and that solving the climate crisis is a top priority for millions of us.

To Renew Australia we must:

  • Send our sunshine around the world: Australia can become a clean energy superpower in the next decade replacing coal and gas with renewable energy.
  • Create energy independent communities: Power our schools, government offices, sporting clubs, halls and libraries with affordable, clean energy by 2025.
  • Travel clean: Take pollution out of transport. Save our health and climate with more accessible public transport and electric cars, running on clean energy.
  • Move the money: Banks and super funds move our money out of coal and gas. Get coal and gas money out of politics and put people back in.
  • Save our big backyard: protect and restore our forests, wetlands and bushland for our climate and for the animals that call them home.

To advance the Renew Australia agenda we need big action from our elected representatives, so we need to show them that broad support for action.. 

Through Together We Can, you’ll be asking people in your community from all walks of life to share their story, telling the country why climate action is important to them. With strong people-powered stories, we will show the diversity of people who care and the many reasons why. ACF Community groups play a critical role in showing MPs that their constituents care deeply about the planet and want their representatives to take action to protect it.

Priorities right now:





Advocacy &
Campaigns Network

Groups and trusted messengers encouraging their MP to sign a pledge committing their support for 'creating a safe, healthy future and new jobs by cutting Australia’s climate pollution by more than half this decade'.

Now until the election

MP response by 29 October

Results go live on 1 November

MP Pledge 

Trusted Messengers Tactic Guide

  Trusted messengers and groups meeting with your MP about the 5 Renew Australia asks.

Now until the election

Renew Australia Policy Agenda

Network homepage


Change the Story Network

Amplifying in the media the MP’s commitment to climate action (or not) in relation to their electorate’s poll results.


1 November until the election

People’s Poll results

Media resources

  Distributing Climate Action Now signs to people in your community. Now until the election

CAN sign distribution guide

Network homepage

People Power Network

Having powerful conversations with concerned audiences. 2 October onwards

Climate Conversations Toolkit

The People’s Voice

  Running Together We Can events. Late October to November

Together We Can Events Tactic Guide

TWC Resources page

Network home page


  End of year celebrations. December


Updated: 12th October 2021

There may be other activities your group is involved in, like hosting a
Big Deal documentary screening, supporting student strikers, raising your voice in talkback radio or running a Nature Outreach Project. These other tactics are important for ACF as a whole, but the priorities listed by network above are critical for ACF Community groups, as you have something that no one else does: deep connection in your communities.

So, this is exciting, but how does your group make it happen? We recommend that you:

  • share the workload using the network structure
  • Check out the available training that can support you with the key skills you need to effectively campaign.
  • Check out the events other groups are running.
  • Browse the resources for groups on the ACF Community Hub
  • Come along to the next monthly ACF Community Webinar where you’ll hear timely campaign strategy updates and political context.

Still have questions? Or want to share how you’re going with it? Reach out on Slack on the #acf-community channel or email [email protected]