We are powerful when we act together. While each ACF Community group is independent and sets their own priorities, we ask that at least half the group’s efforts are dedicated to our national campaigns.

There are key moments coming up over the next few months on which your group can have a significant impact!

Campaign Strategy: Save Our Big Backyard + Renewable Powered Australia

Create strong national nature protection laws that stop Australia’s worsening extinction crisis, and support nature as a climate solution. New laws must be enforced by an independent regulator. Our forests, wetlands and bush lands store greenhouse gases, provide homes for our unique animals and birds, and are places where people restore and revive.

Extreme heat, firestorms, floods - fuelled by climate wrecking gas and coal. Climate chaos is all around us, but with wind and solar renewable energy solutions we can create a safer, healthier future for the people, communities and nature we love.

Our campaign tactics for 2024 are still evolving, please make sure to check this page regularly to stay up to date with what’s happening in our community.

Current priorities:





Save our Big Backyard  



Champions for Nature - Create Strong Nature Laws








Our MPs need to continually hear from their community that we want strong nature laws that protect the people, and places we love.  


In some locations we’ll also be working to run big nature forums and talk directly to our elected representatives demonstrating public support for strong nature laws.  

Every phone call, meeting and event will make a difference and we’ll amp this up when the laws hit Parliament.  


Groups should also continue to use their nature outreach events to connect with their community and each other.  



Champs for Nature Guide.  

Nature forum resources are under development

Nature outreach guide


Have your say on nature law reforms

Renewable Powered Australia  




We will be championing renewables that are good for nature and calling out bad decisions and approvals of dangerous fossil fuel project that destroy them.  

Under development  

Calling out Big Polluters



Action at Woodside AGM in Perth 

Major city rallies to pressure the government

Brisbane: May 2, 11:30am-1:30pm, Brisbane CBD

Adelaide: May 3, 9-10:30am, Port Adelaide Lighthouse

Sydney: May 8, 10am-12pm, Kirribilli House

Perth: May 9, 11am-12pm Madeleine King's Office

Melbourne: 9 May, 12pm-1pm, Commonwealth Parliament Offices

Naming and shaming the companies who are profiting from the climate and extinction crisis and demanding the Government lift ambition.  

Protest and rally at Woodside's AGM. If you're in Perth join ACF and others from the movement to raise your voice for climate and nature with hundreds of others.

To put pressure on the Government, there will be big events in capital cities, as well as individual group led events, over twelve massive days of action (29 April-10 May)

Come to one of three information sessions on running a local Rise Up action outside your MPs offices! 

Heart of Country 


A beautiful film that you can use to educate, inspire and connect with your community.

Join Josie Alec, proud Kuruma Marthudunera woman and ACF's First Nation's Lead, on a journey across Australia to explore First Nations connection to Country, and the fossil fuel and nuclear projects that threaten that connection and damage nature and climate.


Heart of Country Film

Heart of Country Community Screening Guide  

Australia’s Biggest Bushwalk


Challenge yourself to walk 43km, 77km or 124km in May and raise funds to bring our beloved animals back from the brink!

Find more information and pre-register here!

Wild At Art

17 June to 12 August 

The much beloved art contest returns again this year. 

Spread the word and get the primary school-aged in your community creating artworks of Australian threatened species. 

2024 specific material is yet to come, however you can find resources from previous years here!

Updated 3 April 2024

All group-led tactics are important for ACF as a whole, but the priorities listed above are critical for ACF Community groups as we progress our agenda and demand action on climate and nature.

So, this is exciting, but how does your group make it happen? We recommend that you:


  • Check out the available training that can support you with the key skills you need to effectively campaign.
  • Check out the events other groups are running.
  • Come along to the next ACF Community Webinar where you’ll hear timely campaign strategy updates and political context.


Still have questions? Or want to share how you’re going with it? Reach out on Slack on the #acf-community channel, the #acf-community-helpdesk or email [email protected]