We are powerful when we act together. While each ACF Community group is independent and sets their own priorities, we ask that at least half the group’s efforts are dedicated to our national campaigns.

There are key moments coming up over the next few months on which your group can have a significant impact!

Campaign Strategy: Save Our Big Backyard

Create strong national nature protection laws that stop Australia’s worsening extinction crisis, and support nature as a climate solution. New laws must be enforced by an independent regulator.
Our forests, wetlands and bush lands store greenhouse gases, provide homes for our unique animals and birds, and are places where people restore and revive.


Priorities right now:





Key campaign: Save Our Big Backyard

Nature outreach events



Save Our Big Backyard tactic guide

Advocacy &
Campaigns Network

Meeting with MP's and inviting them to nature outreach events



Save Our Big Backyard tactic guide

Change the Story Network

Capture videos of your nature outreach events Ongoing

Save Our Big Backyard tactic guide

People Power Network

Nature activity planning


Planning resources

Keep on the radar

ACF Community webinar 11 April

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Updated: 30 March 2023

These other tactics are important for ACF as a whole, but the priorities listed above are critical for ACF Community groups as we progress our agenda and demand action on climate and nature.

So, this is exciting, but how does your group make it happen? We recommend that you:

  • Share the workload using the network structure
  • Check out the available training that can support you with the key skills you need to effectively campaign.
  • Check out the events other groups are running.
  • Browse the resources for groups on the ACF Community Hub
  • Come along to the next ACF Community Webinar where you’ll hear timely campaign strategy updates and political context.

Still have questions? Or want to share how you’re going with it? Reach out on Slack on the #acf-community channel, the #acf-community-helpdesk or email [email protected]