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Toolkit: citizen science with iNaturalist

October national politics update: Budget fail, CEFC hearing, Technology Roadmap, nuclear waste law

News | 09 October 20

Let's ask small businesses to help protect our climate and nature

Together, we are powerful

The ACF Community is a network of 39 local groups – and counting!  from right across Australia.

People just like you, who are growing our powerful movement, running local strategies under our big national campaigns and ensuring elected representatives work for us and our planet. 

We want a world where our communities, wildlife, rivers and reefs can thrive. So we speak out and confront big coal and nature-wrecking corporations that cheat the system with money, lies and greed, and show our government the popular demand for action. 

People with the desire to make a difference, united with many voices – that’s all it takes to change the world.

Thanks so much for taking action. 

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Choose from four networks to access resources

National networks meet regularly, connect, learn and support each other in their work. Check out the four networks below to access resources and sign-up!

Change the story

Get resources and support to: work with local media, use social media effectively, write and tell powerful stories. See Change the story resources.

Strengthen your group

Get resources and support to: run great meetings, build strong group norms and culture, and identify and develop new leaders. See Strengthen people power resources.

Advocate and campaign

Get resources and support to: write local campaign strategies, shift decision-makers on our issues, design creative campaign tactics. See Advocate and campaign resources.

Grow people power

Get resources and support to: run great local stalls, map your local community, build alliances to win campaigns. See Grow people power resources