The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has called on Premier Palaszczuk to support a motion put forward by grassroots ALP members to build three gigawatts of new clean energy over the next decade when state conference kicks off in Townsville on Friday.

“This should be a no brainer. Premier Palaszczuk must support the motion at this weekend’s state conference, make it government policy and announce it before the next state election,” ACF’s Queensland Campaigner Jason Lyddieth said.

“This is the kind of policy leadership people want to see in the lead-up to an election. A big commitment to build clean energy will help protect the Great Barrier Reef, drive down pollution, and put Queensland at the forefront of the inevitable transition to clean energy.

“Support for clean energy in the Sunshine State is overwhelming. Poll after poll shows the clear majority of Queenslanders want more action to transition from dirty fuels to clean energy and they want major assets like our electricity system to stay in majority public hands.

“This motion also has the overwhelming support of the ALP membership with 100 state branches backing it. The rank and file of the party understand that this is the kind of positive and visionary policy Australians are craving from their politicians.

“The devastating impacts of climate change are already being felt in North Queensland through unprecedented coral bleaching, worsening cyclones and record breaking temperatures. Backing clean energy to cut pollution and ensure we continue to have liveable planet is the single most important duty for the Queensland Government. It’s time to get on with the job."

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