This is a huge victory on the path to stopping this mine.

Queensland Premier Palaszczuk has just sent the official letter vetoing the loan, making it impossible for the Turnbull Government to bankroll Adani through NAIF.

I’m so proud.

Together, we’ve created a passionate and powerful movement. We’ve stopped more than 25 banks. We’ve stopped the $1 billion loan.

Now is the time to celebrate and show the world how hard we’ve worked, how far we’ve come and how much we care.

Exactly one year and one week ago, when Mr Adani visited Australia to talk $1 billion with our Prime Minister, we took to the streets to speak out, loud and clear, against the mine.

Since then, so many people across our big brown land have passionately and courageously spoken out.

Together, we’ve made human signs, banged drums, painted banners, formed delegations, had conversations with friends and strangers, visited, called, emailed and petitioned our MPs, danced, agonised, cheered and shown up week after week.

Today we celebrate, knowing we’ve won a massive victory on the path to stopping this mine.

Tomorrow we get back to work to #StopAdani once and for all.

Basha Stasak

Campaigner @AusConservation. Climber. Skier. Lover of history. All views are my own.