We've stopped Adani's $1 billion loan!

19 December 17

They tried to ignore us, but we were unstoppable, unmissable and irrepressible

07 December 17

Labor’s clean energy policy position Queensland for national leadership

15 November 17

Breaking news: Palaszczuk vetoes Adani loan!

03 November 17

Parties must stop Adani and back a sun-powered future as Queensland heads to the polls

29 October 17

Queenslanders need a government that will stop companies digging up and burning more dirty coal and embrace a clean energy future

New mine approval shows Queensland Government taking one step forward, two steps back on coal

10 August 17

Palaszczuk must back conference motion to make Queensland a clean energy leader

27 July 17

Two steps forward, one step back: Queensland improves renewable policy while opening up gas fields

06 June 17

With dispatchable power, solar and storage, we could get the same benefits to the grid without the pollution.