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How do you tell stories that move people to action?

News | 22 November 16

Stories move people to care and take action

We don’t accept the story that people and nature must be in conflict. That extinction and destruction are inevitable. That we must poison the well we drink from.

Instead, we are telling new stories – stories of connection, creativity and hope. We are using the power of narrative to shape the national conversation and inspire people to take action. 

But you know what? We can’t change the story alone. Any one person, group or organisation is unlikely to have much of an impact on the pressing challenges we face.

That's why we are working together – right across our communities and all of civil society – to capture the public imagination with our shared vision for the future.

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Photo: James Thomas 

Going far, going together

Stories matter. They shape our lives and help us make sense of the world. They convey the fierce urgency of the challenges we face. Stories can shift attitudes, values, behaviours and social norms. They shape what people see as possible.

As well as changing the story in media and the public conversation, we're running community workshops and training programs across the country. Guided by the best research from communications, psychology, academia and campaigning, we are skilling people up to have meaningful conversations and use the power of narrative to change the story. 

Together, we can improve politics and social institutions, rebuild trust in democracy, deepen civic engagement and motivate people to step up and get involved. 

By changing the story and building people power, we can fix the system – and create a future that cherishes our living world, with clean water, shared sunshine and big old trees. 

To find out more, get involved and share ideas, get in touch with us at engagement@acf.org.au.

Everywhere and every day, ordinary people are willing to transform inertia into action, isolation into connection and destruction into beauty. We know how to create the world we want. So let's get on with it.