Letters to the editor are a great way to get an issue into public view. Our elected representatives often keep an eye on the letters page, particularly for the paper in their electorate.

Articles that generate lots of conversation encourage editors to cover that issue more. 

It's competitive to get published, so don't be concerned if yours isn't. Have fun with it and best of luck. 

Your letter should be: 

Short – Keep it under 200 words. Use short sentences. Some great letters are just 20-50 words. 

Fast – Try to get your letter in before noon, it's more likely to get printed. 

Creative – Funny or clever letters are more likely to be published, but avoid sarcasm. Use your own voice. 

About the issue – don't make personal attacks.  

Relevant – It's good to refer to articles published today or yesterday.

For more tips, check out our 'change the story' toolkit.