10 December 18

Take care of yourself

Let's make sure we're strong enough to rebuild our world. 

06 December 18

Stop Adani rallies this weekend!

Join the #StopAdani Alliance this Saturday 8 December for rallies in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

05 December 18

The Macquarie Marshes desperately need more water

Bill Massman talks about the devastating impact that short-sighted water-sharing plans are having on the marshes

04 December 18

ADANI: We're going to court

It’s the 11th hour in this campaign. It’s time to pull out all the stops.

29 November 18

BREAKING: The Adani family is self-funding its mega-mine

We stopped 35 banks from financing Adani. We stopped a billion dollars in public funding. So the Adani family are paying for the mine themselves.

02 November 18

Major Adani update

We really hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

11 October 18

IPCC report: courage and action in the face of climate damage

Climate catastrophe is not our destiny. We know how to stop this – we have the solutions, here, now.

01 October 18

Join us at the National Doorknock to #StopAdani

Let's stop Adani street by street with the power of a conversation.

26 September 18

Volunteer update: Zooming in for maximum impact

Together we’ve already had over 50,000 conversations about stopping climate damage.