30 July 18

Come to a climate election campaign launch

Come to a climate election campaign launch near you – hear our strategy and find out how you can elevate the issue of climate damage in the places it matters most.

20 July 18

Adani has finance – what happens next?

Adani has reportedly secured finance for their polluting coal mine. Watch the video of Gautam Adani’s son, Karan Adani, revealing the news.

30 June 18

Our democracy: under attack

Right now, the Turnbull Government is trying to ram through a package of laws that directly attacks the heart of our democracy in Australia. 

29 May 18

"Aboriginal people feel lost without their rivers"

Brendan Kennedy, a Traditional Owner raised on Tati Tati country, talks about cultural flows

09 May 18

Our budget analysis – coal, climate, reef

If you breathe air, live on planet Earth or love nature, this was a bad budget.

03 May 18

Read the plan to Repower Australia with clean energy from sun and wind

100% clean energy: let's get on with it!

05 March 18

Volunteer for the SA election

Spread our scorecard far and wide!