26 February 17

After logging started, they found this

Near the famous 350-year-old Ada tree, Vicforests just clear-felled magnificent mountain ash forest. Volunteers from Wildlife of the Central Highlands searched all night to find a critically endangered Leadbeater's Possum in the logging coup. It's time for the Victorian Premier to protect our tall forests in a great new national park.

15 February 17

The Adani Brief: our summary

Environmental Justice Australia just released a shocking report that unveils the dark underbelly of Adani Group’s business dealings – The Adani Brief: What governments and financiers need to know about the Adani Group’s record overseas.

15 February 17

Breaking: Adani Group’s dark underbelly exposed

A shocking new report reveals the dark underbelly to Adani Group's business dealings.

22 December 16

Thank you to our community for all that you do!

The ACF community is an incredible force for nature – three hundred thousand people who speak out, show up and act for a future that's even more beautiful than today.

21 December 16

South Australia radioactive waste dump – community says, “No way Jay!”

Watch the video to see how your voice reaches decision makers.

16 December 16

Regina McKenzie speaks out against nuclear waste in Flinders Ranges

"We don’t want a nuclear waste dump on our country and worry that if the waste comes it will harm our environment and muda (our lore, creation)"

15 December 16

Micklo Corpus stands up for a frack free Kimberley

For two years, Rawlinson Award winner Micklo Corpus has camped at the gates of Buru Energy’s Yulleroo fracking site, sharing his knowledge of culture and love of country while engaging the community and industry to keep the Kimberley frack free. Wade Freeman tells his story.

15 December 16

Wuthathi people return to Shelburne Bay

"My uncles, grandfathers... all these years they've been fighting for this land, now we got it back" - Moira Macumboy, Traditional Owner

22 November 16

How do you tell stories that move people to action?

A recent ACF project explored narrative and the power of stories. ACF’s Communications and Mobilisation Manager, Kathryn McCallum explains.