We are already living with the impacts of our damaged climate. Our reefs are bleaching before our eyes. Again and again we see news footage of record-shattering temperatures. Our farmland bakes. Our towns flood. Our bush burns.

Global warming is harming every aspect our lives – our health, our homes, our cities, jobs and families, our wildlife, oceans and reefs, our forests, food and drinking water.

In the face of climate change, communities are coming together to look after each other. People check in on elderly neighbours in extreme weather. They sew mittens for wildlife injured by fire. They cook dinner for the volunteer firefighters who hose flames all day. Our firefighters and nurses, farmers, cooks, and carers hold our communities together in challenging times.

People are also coming together to create solutions. Right across Australia, households are installing solar panels to capture the sun’s energy on their rooftops. Communities are taking to the streets to tell our elected representatives to cut pollution and shift Australia to clean energy, fast. Concerned citizens write letters to their Members of Parliament against coal-burning power stations and new mines. They replant and protect the trees and landscapes that clean our air and soak up pollution.

By working together, we can solve the challenges of climate pollution, limit the extremes we face, and look after each other when they happen. We can make our towns and cities stronger, more resilient, better places to live.

We want our children’s children to thrive in the places we live and the places we love. We’re working together to make it happen.

Explore our big ideas

Economy for life

Making economic decisions that support life, not damage it. 


Clean energy, not pollution

Cutting pollution and powering Australia with clean energy from the sun and wind.


Join the dots

Disrupting decisions at the heart of unsustainability and sowing the seeds of change.


Laws to protect life

Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, our wildlife, and the places we love.