We focus on five life-changing ideas whose time have come:

Clean energy, not pollution

Cutting pollution and powering Australia with clean energy from the sun and wind

We know we must cut pollution and power Australia with clean energy from the sun and wind. But by burning dirty energy like coal, oil and gas, a handful of big polluting companies are damaging our climate and fuelling extreme weather.

It’s time to outlaw pollution, reject nuclear power and uranium exports, remove the barriers to the clean energy innovation, and build an energy system that is good for everyone. By harnessing the power of the wind and sun we will create a brighter future.


Laws to Protect Life

Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, our wildlife, and the places we love

Our environment laws are there to protect our natural world. Yet under these laws, our governments are letting companies mine more, frack faster, and dredge deeper with little oversight. It’s time for a new generation of laws.

Our laws must protect our communities and our reefs, rivers, forests, and wildlife from pollution, overuse and extinction. They must stop climate pollution, now one of the biggest drivers of environmental destruction. We need laws that protect life, not allow it to be destroyed.


Join the Dots

Disrupting decisions at the heart of unsustainability and sowing the seeds of change

Runaway growth, mass consumption, needless waste, disconnection from nature, too much power in the wrong hands: these problems are all intertwined and we must turn them around, fast.

To make lasting changes, we must change the whole system, not just fiddle with the parts. This means investigating the root causes of unsustainable decisions, disrupting these, and sowing the seeds of change.


Economy for Life

Making economic decisions that support life, not damage it

Let’s make economic decisions that support life, not damage it.

It is a myth that we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck.

We need a new approach: not one framed in opposition to economic growth, but one that is actively better than growth. We can steer our economy to create a fair society in which our communities and all living things can thrive.


Think global, act local on climate change

Coming together to cut pollution and solve problems so people and nature can thrive

We help people and wildlife prepare for the changes caused by damage to our climate.

We can create smart cities powered by clean energy. We can restore our natural landscapes to cut pollution. And we can support communities and nature as they experience worsening droughts, floods and bushfires.