Let’s make economic decisions that support life, not damage it. We can steer our economy to create a fair society in which our communities and all living things can thrive. Our governments can make decisions and laws so that what we produce, how we produce it and how we spend money does not damage our lives and the life around us.

It is a myth that we must sacrifice nature for a quick buck. If we make choices that value money and economic growth above everything else, many of the things that make a good life – vibrant communities, leisure time, happiness and a thriving natural environment – will disappear.

We need a new approach: one that is actively better than growth.

Let’s improve our quality of life, not just the quantity of wealth. Let’s create better work with time for leisure, nature, community and democracy. We can value our rivers, oceans, forests and country for more than just what can be extracted from them.

Right now, public money subsidises industries that pollute and destroy nature – like dangerous mining and burning dirty energy. Instead we can support industries that create jobs with a future and are good for our future – like clean energy and caring for country.

Governments and businesses do not have to be in a battle with nature. In fact, many of the world’s best companies are changing how they do things to work in harmony with nature. Governments, too, can make economic decisions that value what we rely on for life.

By making good choices, we can create a society that is good for all of us, and our children to come.

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