We know we must cut pollution and power Australia with clean energy from the sun and wind.

But by burning dirty energy like coal, oil and gas, a handful of big polluting companies are damaging our climate and fuelling extreme weather. Their pollution is an 18th century problem with a 21st century solution.

We have the technology to shift Australia to a clean energy future. We have all the wind and the sun we need. We don’t need to use dirty and dangerous nuclear energy at home, or fuel it overseas.

Clean energy is abundant, affordable and never runs out. It doesn’t pollute the air we breathe or the water we drink. It empowers everyone to meet their energy needs, wherever they are, without damaging the things we rely on for life. People, businesses and even whole cities are already thriving with it.  

In Australia, communities have taken the lead. Today, more than one in five households are powering their lives with energy from the sun. Some 23 million solar panels are harvesting sunshine, right across our wide brown land. That’s one panel for every single person in the country.

Yet big polluters keep polluting our skies. Just 90 companies world-wide are causing two thirds of all climate pollution – half of it in the past 25 years. Our government is doing little to stop them.

These companies are also polluting our democracy. They have formed a powerful lobby with deep pockets to peddle misinformation and influence public policy. They have rigged the rules in their favour and are trying to delay the shift to clean energy to make a quick buck.

Our political representatives are listening to these big polluting companies and their influential donations rather than our communities.

We believe governments have a responsibility to protect communities and support industries of the future, not prop up dying industries of the past.

It’s time to outlaw pollution, remove the barriers to clean energy innovation and help build an energy system that is good for everyone, not just the polluters.

It’s time to help people transition to jobs that have a future.

It’s time to curb pollution and power our lives with clean energy.

We want to leave our children, communities and future generations a country where the air is clean and our wildlife and habitats thrive. Shifting from dirty to clean energy will make this future a reality.

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