Runaway growth, mass consumption, needless waste, disconnection from nature, too much power in the wrong hands – these problems are all intertwined. We must turn these trends around and fast.

How did these things happen? And who benefits?

To make lasting changes, we must change the whole system, not just fiddle with the parts. This means investigating the root causes of unsustainable decisions, disrupting these, and sowing the seeds of change.

We empower people to take action which, when combined, drives systemic change.

At the heart of environmental decline is a series of decisions we are changing. Ours, not just mine. Now, not later. People, not profit. Stewardship, not extraction. Representation, not entitlement.

No one can solve all of this alone, but ACF is doing everything possible to catalyse a national transformation.

Explore our big ideas

Economy for life

Making economic decisions that support life, not damage it. 


Think global, act local on climate change

Coming together to cut pollution and solve problems so people and nature can thrive.


Clean energy, not pollution

Cutting pollution and powering Australia with clean energy from the sun and wind.


Laws to protect life

Creating strong laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, our wildlife, and the places we love.