Tasmania’s forests are home to the tallest flowering trees on the planet. Centuries-old, these tall trees are the lungs of our land.

As well as ancient trees, these spectacular forests contain rock art and endangered animal species like the Tasmanian Devil. This incredible place is one of the largest remaining intact temperate forest ecosystems on planet Earth.


Yet a handful of short-sighted politicians remain hell-bent on re-igniting past conflict and destroying this wonder, despite overwhelming public support for keeping our ancient forests standing, and getting the wood we need from sustainably managed plantations.

When the Abbott Government tried to overturn a decision by the World Heritage Committee to protect these forests, over 40,000 people in the ACF community sprang into action.


Now the old-growth forests of the Upper Florentine Valley, the Styx, Butler's Gorge, the Great Western Tiers and more will stay on the World Heritage list.

Conservation groups, unions, industry and government should work together to protect old growth forests and create a sustainable forest industry that enjoys public support.