We protect five incredible places that sustain and enchant us:

Our Great Dividing Range

Connect and protect the heartland of eastern Australia

Almost three-quarters of Australian people and most of our threatened wildlife live along the Great Dividing Range's mountainous corridor. Its dense forests keep our air clean. Its rivers and water catchments are our lifeblood. Its national parks are our playground. But in just two hundred years, people have polluted, mined, logged, and cleared nearly 70 per cent of the Range.

Communities, business and government must come together to protect, restore, and connect the heartland of eastern Australia.


The Mighty Murray

Keep the lifeblood for our wildlife, farms and cities flowing

The mighty Murray River is Australia's largest and most heavily exploited river system. Farms, birds, fish, communities and cities depend on its water. Its 30,000 wetlands support life. They are nurseries for fish, frogs and turtles. The ancient river red gums on its banks rely on droughts and flooding rains.

Our challenge is to restore and protect the health of this vital ecosystem. We must keep the lifeblood for our wildlife, farms and cities flowing.


The Beautiful North

Sustain country, from the Kimberley to Cape York, with its unique nature and culture

Australia's north is home to the largest, most intact tropical savannah systems left on Earth, sweeping 2,500 kilometres from the Kimberley to Cape York. Yet this magnificent country and its living Indigenous cultures are under threat.

We can create a better future where economic activity complements the extraordinary nature and culture of the beautiful north.


Our Much-Loved Reef

Protect our living Reef - home to coral, turtles and whales

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth, home to an amazing array of fish, coral, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and rays. Yet this natural wonder of the world is at risk from mining and pollution. Fuelled by global warming, it is bleaching before our eyes – but our governments continue to approve giant new coalmines.

Our goal is to protect our reef and the life it supports for generations to come.



Tasmania's ancient forests

Let the trees stand tall for centuries to come

Tasmania’s forests are home to the tallest flowering trees on the planet. Centuries-old, these tall trees are the lungs of the land. Yet a handful of politicians remain hell-bent on destroying this wonder despite public opposition.

Conservation groups, unions, industry and government should work together to protect old growth forests and create a sustainable forest industry that enjoys public support.