What is the issue?

Right now, Adani is itching to dig one of the biggest coal mines in the world in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

If it goes ahead, Adani’s mine and its coal will wreck our climate, guzzle our groundwater, trash Indigenous rights and irreversibly damage our Great Barrier Reef.

The reef is one of the most incredible places on Earth, home to fish, corals, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and rays. But it's in grave danger.

Losing the Great Barrier Reef is a national tragedy. And we won’t stand for it.

Already, millions of people right across Australia have stepped up to stop Adani’s dangerous mine. This is one of the biggest campaigns in our history.

Together, we've stopped the $1 billion handout to Adani. We've stopped more than 25 big banks.

Now it's time to break bipartisan support for Adani's climate-wrecking coal mine.

Together we can #StopAdani

Together, we’ve made human signs, painted banners, formed delegations, had conversations with friends and strangers, visited, called, emailed and petitioned our MPs, danced, agonised, cheered and shown up week after week.

The pressure is working. Premier Palaszczuk vetoed the billion dollar loan following immense pressure during the Queensland election. A growing number of MPs are speaking out and the federal government is feeling the heat. 

Most recently, following public pressure, the Queensland Government announced they will prosecute Adani for dumping polluted coal water in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

These are huge wins! It shows that we are powerful when we speak out together.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Sign the petition to the Queensland Premier and Environment Minister asking them to protect our water and stop Adani drilling immediately.

Email the Queensland Government asking they protect native title for W&J as they defend their land rights and demand justice for First Nations people.

Donate now to power our campaign for the reef and planet.

Prime Minister Morrison, choose our beautiful reef, not Adani's mega-polluting coal mine #reefnotcoal #stopadani @ScottMorrisonMP

You can be part of this

Read the latest news, and find the actions you can take to reject the mine and protect the reef.

News | 11 October 18

Approval of Adani coal port expansion flies in the face of IPCC’s climate warning

The Queensland Government has given the green light to Adani’s plans to expand the capacity of the Abbot Point coal export terminal.

News | 01 October 18

Join us at the National Doorknock to #StopAdani

Let's stop Adani street by street with the power of a conversation.

News | 18 September 18

Adani avoids full scrutiny of water plans for its polluting coal mine

While Queensland suffers through severe drought, the water infrastructure for Adani’s massive proposed coal mine will avoid full scrutiny under Australia’s national environment laws.

News | 13 September 18

Adani rail deal means our elected representatives must choose: dirty coal or safe climate

Adani has reportedly ditched plans to build a new rail line to get coal out of Queensland's Galilee Basin, opting for a cut-price solution using existing railways.

News | 12 September 18

ACF requests federal investigation into accusations Adani drilled unlawful water bores

ACF has written to the Federal Environment Minister asking her to order an urgent independent investigation into any alleged breaches of national environment law by Adani.

News | 12 September 18

BREAKING NEWS: Adani did what?!

Adani has allegedly broken the law by drilling into aquifers on the mine site.


Tell the Queensland government: Protect our water and stop Adani drilling

Petitioning Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Leeanne Enoch.

News | 05 September 18

Adani prosecuted for coal pollution

Tens of thousands of ordinary Australians called for Adani to be prosecuted for its pollution.

Adani’s latest plan further weakens protections for our clean water

Adani’s latest plans represents a material weakening of protections for Queensland groundwater.