What is the issue?

Right now, Adani is itching to dig one of the biggest coal mines in the world in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

If it goes ahead, burning coal from the megamine would generate billions of tonnes of pollution, fuel global warming and irreversibly damage our Great Barrier Reef.

The reef is one of the most incredible places on Earth, home to fish, corals, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and rays. But it's in grave danger. 

Losing the Great Barrier Reef is a national tragedy. And we won’t stand for it.

Already, millions of people right across Australia have stepped up to stop Adani’s dangerous mine. This is one of the biggest campaigns in our history.

We've stopped the $1 billion handout to Adani. We've stopped more than 25 big banks.

Now it's time to break bipartisan support for Adani's climate-wrecking coal mine.

Together we can #StopAdani

Together, we’ve made human signs, banged drums, painted banners, formed delegations, had conversations with friends and strangers, visited, called, emailed and petitioned our MPs, danced, agonised, cheered and shown up week after week.

The pressure is working. Premier Palaszczuk vetoed the billion dollar NAIF loan following immense pressure from the #StopAdani community during the Queensland election. A growing number of MPs are speaking out and the Turnbull government is feeling the heat.

If we can get more and more of our elected representatives to speak out up and say they don’t support Adani’s mine – we can stop this mine in its tracks.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Sign the petition to Minister for Environment and Energy Josh Frydenberg telling him to reject Adani's coal mine and create strong new laws to protect nature and wildlife.

Donate now to power our campaign for the reef and planet.

Prime Minister Turnbull, choose our beautiful reef, not Adani's mega-polluting coal mine #reefnotcoal #stopadani @TurnbullMalcolm

You can be part of this

Read the latest news, and find the actions you can take to reject the mine and protect the reef.

News | 13 June 18

Adani's new water works must be subject to proper assessment under environmental law

Adani’s proposal to construct water infrastructure must be subject to a full and rigorous assessment under environmental laws.

News | 06 June 18

Special exemptions from water rules for mining companies must be scrapped

Mining and petroleum companies have been exempted from water use caps at the expense of our rivers, aquifers and freshwater wildlife species.

News | 21 May 18

Analysis: Revoking Adani’s environmental approvals would not raise sovereign risk

One of the last obstacles to rejecting the polluting Adani coal mine has been removed with an analysis by leading economist Saul Eslake finding no threat of damage to Australia’s credit rating if the project was stopped.

Stopping Adani's coal mine and sovereign risk: Analysis by economist Saul Eslake

Would actions by an Australian Government to stop the Adani Carmichael mine from proceeding constitute an increase in Australian 'sovereign risk'?

News | 29 April 18

Great Barrier Reef funding an important step but real climate action needed

Our elected representatives can’t have it both ways. Climate change is the number one threat to the Great Barrier Reef and only concerted action to cut pollution will fully protect it.

News | 19 April 18

Study on coral death on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 is shocking but not surprising

In response to the scientific study published in Nature on Great Barrier Reef coral death following the 2016 mass bleaching event, ACF Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:

News | 17 March 18

Kearney must be a prominent Stop Adani voice in Canberra after Batman win

The local community will expect Ms Kearney to be an advocate against the Adani coal mine in the Federal Parliament.

News | 08 March 18

ACF response to enquiry on reef trip

Climate pollution from burning the Adani coal and the suffering of our Great Barrier Reef are issues of great national and international consequence that require leadership from all our elected representatives.

News | 07 March 18

Bipartisan political support on Adani broken, now Shorten must commit to action

The Stop Adani movement today welcomed Labor leader Bill Shorten’s position that he does not support the Adani coal mine, and the loss of bipartisan support for the project, while calling on him to take concrete steps to ensure the mine does not proceed.