What is the issue?

Right now, Adani is itching to dig one of the biggest coal mines in the world in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

If it goes ahead, Adani’s mine and its coal will wreck our climate, steal our groundwater, trash Indigenous rights and irreversibly damage the Great Barrier Reef. 

Adani’s mine is a climate crime – a crime against humanity and our planet.

Along with Canadian tar sands, fracking in the Amazon and oil drilling in the Arctic, this mine is one of a few global projects that profoundly threaten all life on Earth.

That's why millions of people right across Australia have stepped up to say no.

Together, we must prove our community opposition is stronger than the coal lobbyists. We must demonstrate we are unstoppable. We are organised. We are passionate. We are powerful. And we will not go away.

It's up to all of us to keep building pressure on the people’s representatives to rise to the occasion, and deliver.

Together we can #StopAdani

This is the biggest people-powered environmental campaign in Australian history.

Together, we’ve made human signs, painted banners, formed delegations, had conversations with friends and strangers, visited, called, emailed and petitioned our MPs, danced, agonised, cheered and shown up week after week.

The incredible Stop Adani community has worked so hard for so long and achieved some massive wins:

  • We've built a movement of hundreds of thousands of passionate people
  • We've stopped all four of Australia’s big banks and 35 of the biggest international banks from financing the mine
  • We pushed the Queensland government to rule out a $1 billion publicly funded loan
  • Engineering and construction firm Downer cancelled its $2 billion deal to work with Adani
  • We pressured Aurizon to withdraw its public loan application to build Adani’s rail line
  • 12 federal MPs and Senators have publicly opposed the Adani mine and even more have gone on record to oppose public funding for Adani
  • Labor leader Bill Shorten has taken a stronger position on Adani (although the Labor Party hasn’t committed to stop the mine or to review Adani’s approval if it wins government – yet!)

These are huge wins! It shows that we are powerful when we speak out together.

But Adani is desperate to build this mine because there’s a federal election looming. So it's up to us to keep up the pressure. 

Here’s how you can get involved:

Sign the petition to the Queensland Premier and Environment Minister asking them to protect our water and stop Adani drilling immediately.

Email the Queensland Government asking they protect native title for W&J as they defend their land rights and demand justice for First Nations people.

Donate now to power this critical campaign for our reef and planet.

Prime Minister Morrison, choose our beautiful reef, not Adani's mega-polluting coal mine #reefnotcoal #stopadani @ScottMorrisonMP

You can be part of this

Read the latest news, and find the actions you can take to reject the mine and protect the reef.

News | 06 December 18

Stop Adani rallies this weekend!

Join the #StopAdani Alliance this Saturday 8 December for rallies in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

News | 04 December 18

ADANI: We're going to court

It’s the 11th hour in this campaign. It’s time to pull out all the stops.

News | 04 December 18

ACF to challenge Federal Government failure to apply the water trigger to Adani pipeline plan

ACF is taking the Federal Government to court over its flawed process for assessing Adani’s plan for a water-guzzling pipeline to service its climate-wrecking coal mine.

News | 29 November 18

BREAKING: The Adani family is self-funding its mega-mine

We stopped 35 banks from financing Adani. We stopped a billion dollars in public funding. So the Adani family are paying for the mine themselves.

News | 29 November 18

ACF response to Adani self-financing announcement

Millions of Australia have shown up and spoken out against this climate wrecking mine. They will keep on until we stop Adani. It’s time our elected representative stood with them.

News | 24 November 18

Galilee Basin coal must not be dug up and burnt if we want a safe climate for all

Our elected representatives are wilfully gambling the future safety of our planet by approving these coal mines.

News | 02 November 18

Major Adani update

We really hoped it wouldn’t come to this.