German media is reporting Siemens' CEO Joe Kaeser will decide “in the coming days” whether the company will withdraw from its multi-million dollar contract with Adani to supply crucial rail signalling services for the controversial Carmichael coal mine.

ACF Senior Campaigner Christian Slattery said there was no question Australia’s bushfire emergency had been exacerbated by burning coal, which is the lead cause of climate change. 

“The eyes of the world have been on Australia as climate change has fuelled the worst bushfire season we have ever experienced.

“No credible company would choose to support a coal mine that will make future bushfires even worse.

“Climate change respects no country’s borders and Mr Kaeser would be wise to remember that opposition to Adani’s coal mine stretches across continents too.

“Businesses that say they care about climate change must walk the talk and not tie their lot to new coal projects.”

Billboards highlighting the reputational risk the Adani contract poses to Siemens have been posted outside of the company’s head office in Munich. The German youth climate organisation ‘Fridays for Future’ has scheduled more than 20 protests targeting Siemens later this week and a German petition has gathered almost 50,000 signatures. An op-ed by lead climate activist Luisa Neubauer was published yesterday in a major German newspaper.

Photos of the billboard are here.


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