Ask Rio Tinto to confirm its climate commitments and chart a clear path forward for Gladstone workers.

Rio Tinto is one of Australia’s biggest polluters and Gladstone's biggest employer.

The company has a duty to slash its climate pollution and make a clear plan that guarantees jobs and training for its Gladstone workers.

But Rio Tinto has failed to provide its workers with any clarity and CEO Jakob Stausholm keeps trying to walk back the company's climate targets in the media.

We all deserve a safe climate and Gladstone workers and their families deserve a clear path forward.

Email Rio Tinto's Gladstone branch today and demand the company publicly confirm its climate commitments and chart a clear path for its Gladstone workers.

Here's a template to help write your email:

To Rio Tinto,

My name is ___ and I am writing to express my concern that your company does not have a clear plan for meeting its climate commitments or looking after your Gladstone workers.

Rio Tinto has set a target to reduce its scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030, which must be met to ensure a safe climate. 

As half of your company's Australian emissions come from your coal-fired power station and aluminium refineries in Gladstone, you will have to undertake extensive work to decarbonise your Gladstone operations.

However, there is no public decarbonisation plan to meet your targets or guarantee jobs and training for local workers during and after decarbonisation.

As one of Australia's biggest polluters and Gladstone's biggest employer, Rio Tinto has a duty to make our climate safer and provide local workers and their families with a clear path forward.

Please take action now to publicly share a decarbonisation plan to meet your climate commitments on schedule and take care of your Gladstone workers.