On Tuesday the Gladstone Regional Council, in partnership with The Next Economy, released its 10-year economic transition plan to help our region navigate the switch to a renewable-powered economy.

This is the first time an Australian council has made a plan for the transition to renewables and helps lay the groundwork for our community to have a say on how the transition happens.

Too often, corporations have barged into town, caused boom and bust, and left the community worse off. ACF congratulates the council for getting on the front foot and showing leadership.

The roadmap not only highlights the economic opportunities for Gladstone, but the pressing need to better educate, prepare and consult with the community on the transition, and ensure that local nature is protected and restored as we decarbonise our industries.

There is still work to do to make our community’s future bright. 

ACF, the Queensland Community Alliance, and local faith and union groups are working with the community to make sure the people of Gladstone have a strong voice in shaping our futures here in town.

Making housing affordable, improving our services like healthcare, securing training in future industries for our youth – we can achieve all of this as we transition to renewables, but only if we raise our voices together.


At a meeting a few weeks ago with Gladstone Regional Council Mayor Matt Burnett.

As the people of Gladstone, we need to raise our voices for what we want from the economic transition. Together we can achieve more than we can on our own and build the people power we need to push state and federal governments to listen to us.

The future is ours to shape. The switch to a renewable-powered economy is an incredible opportunity to break the boom and bust cycles here in Gladstone.

Together we can secure a renewables transition that benefits everyone in Gladstone. Show your support.


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Jaclyn McCosker

Climate and Energy Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation