The Queensland Government has some of the weakest climate targets in Australia and as a result, Queensland has become a pollution hot zone. 

We need action from our MPs now to stop climate-fuelled floods from getting worse, drowning out our towns and washing away our nature. 

Visit your state MP's office today and ask them to raise our sunshine state's climate ambition now!

Together we can urge our elected representatives to embrace the solutions, slash pollution and make Queensland a climate champion.

Explore the map to see the impact we're building:

Sign-up and get step-by-step instructions plus all the resources you need  to visit your MP's office, including:

  • The Queensland CAN! report
  • A tool to find your local state MP and send them a template email inviting them to a meeting, or letting them know when you will do your report drop-off
  • A short video on how to speak to the report demands and how to have an effective MP meeting

To make Queensland a climate and nature champion, our MPs need to see the demand in their communities. Together we can influence our decision-makers and ramp up climate and nature solutions now!

Like ACF Bayside volunteer Tania says "Your MP wants to meet with you! There is nothing to be afraid of. " It's true, and we'll be supporting you every step of the way.

For any help, please get in touch.