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"I support a transition that benefits everyone in the Gladstone community."

Show your support for a transition to renewable energy that benefits everyone in Gladstone – and share your vision for Gladstone’s future. Complete the form now.

The Australian government has just invested $83.2 million into a new Authority that will help communities like Gladstone plan for the nationwide transition to climate-friendly renewable energy.

The opportunities are huge. This transition away from fossil fuels is the community’s moment to secure better healthcare, education, affordable housing, job guarantees – the list goes on.

But there’s a lot of work to be done, and urgently.

Starting this year, the Authority will make huge decisions that will affect everyone in Gladstone.

We need to advocate for the community’s needs and keep the new Authority accountable for delivering positive results for Gladstone.

Every voice makes us stronger and better advocates for the community’s needs. Complete the form to show your support for a fair transition now.

With the town’s biggest employer Rio Tinto failing to provide certainty to workers and families, it’s been left to individuals and organisations like ACF to advocate for the community’s needs.

Over the past 18 months, ACF has had hundreds of conversations with unions, faith groups and local community organisations about how they want to benefit from the transition. Our community wants:

  • better healthcare
  • better education
  • affordable housing
  • job guarantees and training
  • nature protection

How do you want renewable energy to benefit Gladstone? Complete the form now and we’ll put your views forward to the new government Authority.

Now is the time for the community to unite and have a say about what it wants.

Let’s chart a bright, renewable-powered future for Gladstone!

Latest Supporters

A Gladstone that looks after every person and creature.
Emma 2023-08-07 19:34:20 +1000
Lauren 2023-08-05 18:19:52 +1000
A coalition of groups from a variety of backgrounds all fighting for a unified Gladstone voice.
Jade 2023-08-03 15:05:58 +1000
We can have a thriving renewable-powered economy where everybody is cared for, and nobody gets left behind.
Jaclyn 2023-08-01 11:55:00 +1000
Terry 2023-07-22 22:05:50 +1000
To me, a thriving Gladstone looks like more eco actions, and more community engagement in clean up days and general environmental preservation
Amanda 2023-07-20 19:14:49 +1000
To me a thriving community is when people are helping people out. And talking to people who are less fortunate. And see how we can help.
Angela 2023-07-19 09:58:49 +1000
I would like to see more of an investment into green energy
Mark 2023-07-19 09:52:05 +1000
Well thought plan and steps thought out to achieve best for community.
Darren 2023-07-19 09:24:59 +1000
Anton 2023-07-12 19:22:34 +1000