18 September 17

Come to the Healthy Rivers Roadshow

Connect with community and get fired up and ready to go!

01 September 17

How I created the Billion Dollars for Better Ideas campaign

Sharon is a member of the ACF Bramble Bay community and has devised 'Better Ideas for a Billion Dollars', a powerful creative action to pressure MPs to reconsider their proposed $1 billion loan to coal giant Adani. 

01 September 17

How to release your inner change agent

"I was totally cooked by our extreme summer this year, and at the end of summer, an activist came out of the oven!"

09 August 17

Tom Dunn: Standing up (on a paddle board) for the Murray

Tom’s 3,700km paddleboard trek down the Murray-Darling reveals one thing is clear: change is needed

By Tom Dunn - ACF community member

21 July 17

The Travelling Fowlers

Five people, five weeks, and 750 kilometres of river

By Carolyn Fowler – ACF community member

18 July 17

Come to a preview screening of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Watch the film and get fired up and ready to go!

05 July 17

Big old trees: life cycles, time scales, meaning and growth

A compelling look at our beloved trees and the need to act now to save Victoria's mountain ash forests and the life they support. 

09 June 17

Huge nuclear free win – we stopped the global dump

A huge win for people power over toxic power!

09 June 17

Building a blueprint for a new generation of environmental laws

Laws that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the places we love.